“I have had ample exposure to and involvement with the process, to know that Family Constellations is one of the faces of ritual.” ​
Malidoma Some – Dagara Elder

Ancestral Voices – Systemic Constellations

African Roots can be found in the systemic constellations method and the process can be a source of strength and support for many struggling to find a sense of belonging and identity in their family or community.

In many cultures around the world, indigenous traditions connect the ancestral past to the present through ritual and storytelling. Ancestors are honoured, remembered  and included in celebrations and ceremonies. Family elders provide support through difficult times.

From this perspective Ancestral Constellations can be viewed as a inter-generational healing-ritual and a way of  ‘restoring the flow of love’ down the ancestral line.

What’s on Offer

Family Constellations Workshops in collaboration with BAATN explore family, social and community issues using the systemic constellations method.  More here
Constellations Circles are half day sessions exploring the systemic constellations method and its application for work and life. More information here
Arts Constellations focus on artistic practice using systemic constellations to explore the personal in professional creative practice, identities and ancestral voices. More here

Ancestral Voices in Family Constellations

Ancestral Constellations focus on ‘ancestral voices’ in ‘systemic constellations’ and the search for ‘roots’, identity and belonging, by re-connecting the present to the past. The constellations process delves deep into transgenerational history and reveals strengthens and difficulties. They can be a wonderful way to create harmony in relationships, resolve conflict and restore ‘the flow of love’ between parents, siblings and other family members.

The ‘flow of love’ may be disturbed because of  broken relationships, separated family, historical injustices or past family exclusions.  Systemic constellations can reveal hidden or forgotten family members, or unspoken taboo subjects. When unresolved family stories are carried from the past into the present, patterns can repeat over generations. When you can find a place in your heart for everyone in the family system, even the excluded, you honour your ancestral heritage and help future generations to be freed from the sorrows of the past.

What to Expect from a Workshop

During a workshop or circle, we come together in sacred space as a community to support  each other in a ‘Healing Ritual’.  Exploration of the past and how it impacts on the present can be viewed as a form of detective work. And a personal constellation can provide you with insight into the current situation and offer you a different perspective from which to seek a solution.  It can also be a foundation to start or continue ancestral research by…….

  • Reconnecting you to your ancestral lineage as a resource and source of strength
  • Identifying the impact of migration, separations and splitting on your family
  • Extending your perception of family as part of a wider community
  • Reflecting on your ideas about identity, belonging and order in the family
  • Exploring the role of elders in the family and the rightful place of the dead

If you would like further information on workshops and events, or have questions please contact Sonya