“I have had ample exposure to and involvement with the process, to know that Family Constellations is one of the many faces of ritual.” ​  Malidoma Some – Dagara Elder

This photo of family and friends at my daughters christening represents in many ways my systemic constellations practice and my personal life. Transgenerational stories, a search for ancestral lineage, and an honouring of diverse cultures and community. The systemic constellations process can reveal hidden stories, explore social justice issues and support individuals to find a clearer sense of identity and place of belonging in the world.  Working with multiple-identities has shown me that integrating Western/African methodologies more closely into my systemic practice can support family relationships, reconnect ancestral lineage and aid community cohesion.  I hope to meet you on the journey!


Our ‘taster’Constellations Circles are held on a regular basis for people who are new to constellations work.  Or for those willing to explore how the process can be used to work with a range of topics including family, community, work, social and cultural issues.  In the circle we will work with a variety of scenarios that can be ‘mapped’ using short mini constellations. There may also be longer constellations working together on a single theme.  We will work in pairs and the large group using a range of tools and resources. More


Our workshops look at family and community over generations by exploring relationships current and ancestral.  Everyone in the family past and present has a right to belong, the excluded, ancestors and the forgotten.  When there are  difficulties in the present, we can look to the past and see where there needs to be peace making and resolution. Often there are relationship issues that have not been resolved.  When family members are seen and acknowledged ‘love’ is able to ‘flow’ through the family system’. More


Coaching and witness sessions can be seen as a form of ‘family research’.  There are four coaching spaces at each session (45 minutes each).  You will ‘map’ your constellation with others supporting in a ‘observer witness role’.  You will be able to choose from a range of tools including our Diaspora Dollies, stones, shells, guidance cards and floor felts. Explore your personal relationships, family patterns and wider community dynamics.  Leave with information, more clarity and a different perspective on your current situation. More