“I have had ample exposure to and involvement with the process, to know that Family Constellations is one of the many faces of ritual.” ​

Malidoma Some – Dagara Elder

Ancestral Constellations map the voice of the family over generations, stories, family research, the search for  identity and belonging, the connection to lineage.  Family constellations are a wonderful way to heal difficult relationships and reconcile conflict  by restoring ‘the flow of love’ between parents, siblings and other family members.  And they honour ancestors and their place in  present family and community life.

The family constellations process delves deep into transgenerational history and reveals both strengthens and difficulties.  The ‘flow of love’ may be disturbed because of  conflict in relationships, separation of family members, historical injustices or past traumas. Often constellations reveal hidden or forgotten family members, or unspoken taboo subjects.

When unresolved family stories are carried from the past into the present, patterns can repeat over generations.  When we find a place in our hearts for everyone in the family system, even those who have been excluded or forgotten, we heal unresolved situations and provide an opportunity for future generations to be freed from the sorrows of the past.

African Roots – The Role of Indigenous Wisdom 

Deep African Roots can be found in the family constellations method.  They can be a source of strength and support for many struggling to find identity and belonging as second, third and fourth generation immigrants to the UK, Europe and beyond.  And they can connect us more closely to our ancestors in past generations.

These roots, viewed as indigenous wisdom connect past cultural knowledge to present family life through oral traditions.  Ancestors are part of  family life in Africa, Asia, South America and many other cultures. They are remembered, honoured and  included in ceremonies and rituals, as elders that can be called on for support during difficult times.

Family life and connection to nature is essential for health, wealth and a harmonious and cohesive community.  From this perspective, a constellation can be viewed as a type of  ‘Healing-Ritual’, concerned with the deep level of spirit and its role in the family and community life.  Workshops integrate Western systemic and Indigenous wisdom traditions, to create a therapeutic approach in alignment with the communities that we serve.

Ancestral Voices – Family Constellations

During a workshop or constellation circle, ‘Healing -Rituals’ are created by coming together in the sacred space of community, to support and heal from each other.  This reconnection, during a constellation, from the past to the present is a form of family research.  See it as a form of detective work and the outcome as foundations upon which you can start to explore ancestry, lineage and cultural heritage.

Ancestral Constellations will help you hear and see the ‘Voices in your Family’ through……

  • Reconnecting you to your ancestral lineage as a resource and source of strength
  • Starting you on the journey of family research and cultural knowledge
  • Identifying the impact of migration, separations and splitting on your family
  • Viewing fathers as part of the family system even if not included or forgotten
  • Extending your perception of family as part of a wider community
  • Reflecting on your ideas about identity, belonging and order in the family
  • Exploring the role of elders in the family and the rightful place of the dead

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