Reconnect to Your Ancestral Heritage

‘A constellation reveals the re-cycling pattern of transgenerational life past, present and future”

This photo is of family and friends at my daughters christening. In many ways it represents my systemic constellations work,  transgenerational stories, diverse cultures, the ancestors and community.  Ancestral Constellations looks through a ‘systemic lens’ to integrate ‘indigenous wisdom’ with the systemic constellations method. Over time, I have become increasingly interested in how this multi-heritage approach can support family life, community cohesion and answer questions about identity, social justice issues and finding our place of belonging in the world. More Here.

Ancestral Constellations Circles & Workshops

Ancestral Constellations Circles provide an introduction to this holistic way of looking at a relationships, culture,  ancestral lineage and family systems across generations.  They focus on the deep level of personal ‘soul’ and community ‘spirit’.  A main principle is that everyone in the family has a right to belong,  including ancestors and those who have been excluded, forgotten or left out.

When there are  difficulties in the present, we can look to what hasn’t been resolved in the past.  Often there are issues, or relationship dynamics that have not been resolved and are  recycled into the present.  When all family members are acknowledged and in their rightful place, love is able to ‘flow freely through the system’, family members in the present will be more connected and difficulties can remain in the past.  We run monthly Constellations Circles and workshops at intervals throughout the year.  More Here

Social & Community Forums

The Black, African and Asian Therapist Network (BAATN) hosts our Social and Community Forums.  During these workshops we look at family, social, community, global  and work issues.  We explore how disconnection from ancestral homelands impact on current family life?  And we question how cultural knowledge between generations have been affected by historical legacy?  There are difficult current issues that require exploration, for example the impact of migration and war on refugee communities and the cycle of incarceration on African Diaspora communities.

Constellations can map these issues from a different perspective.  Final solutions are not always available but first steps to tackle the presenting issues always are.  More Here

Find Out More

We run monthly Constellations Circles and Workshops at intervals throughout the year.  They will  support you in exploring personal issues and family relationships in a community of like minded people.

By community I speak of the coming together of people, to work together for  themselves and others in a supportive and confidential space.  To book a Constellations Circle Go here or connect with me on my Facebook page.  To read more about what you can expect from a Social and Community  Forums and to book go to the BAATN website.