African Roots

A Blend of Western and Traditional Wisdom

“I have had ample exposure to and involvement with the process, to know that Family Constellations is one of the many faces of ritual.” ​
Malidoma Some – Dagara Elder

‘Classic’ Family Constellations theory and practice was developed in Europe by Bert Hellinger, but it also has deep ‘African Roots’ which I draw on in my practise as a practitioner from the African Diaspora.  Hellinger spent many years working with the Zulu community in South Africa and acknowledged that he incorporated some of their family and community traditions into the constellations method.

Many cultures in Africa believe that past ancestors are part of the current family system and should be remembered and honoured.  They are often included in ceremonies and rituals so that they can be called on for support during difficult times .

From an African perspective a constellation can be seen as a type of  Healing-Ritual as it incorporates indigenous wisdom that is concerned with the deep level of spirit and soul in the individual and family.  You can see these more clearly during the constellations process in the form of healing words that are spoken between family members and also ……….

  • Call and response sentences to help ease painful situations in relationships
  • A clearly defined order to how family members stand in relation to each other
  • Rituals like ‘bowing’ to elders and acknowledging authority and precedence
  • Ancestors being welcomed into the process as a part of a trans-generational map

What is a Constellation?

A constellation is a personal ‘mapping-process’ that looks at your family systemic in a holistic way and can support you in exploring problematic situations and difficult scenarios.   For example relationship breakdown, fractured family history or a conflict that feels intractable or unresolvable.  

During the constellation, a fuller picture of the issue emerges.  Often overlooked or hidden aspects are revealed.  The process helps to see the situation from different perspectives and identify steps that will lead to healing, or a solution of the issue.

Who is it for?

When problems arise within our relationships and family networks, we may not know where to turn to for help. Seeing a family member or relative suffering with intractable relationship difficulties, health issues or a problem addiction, we ask ourselves, where did this come from? Or we may feel that someone is carrying the burdens of a past relative or family member but not know how or why?

Our workshops are for you, if there is an area of your family, community or work-life where you feel stuck.   Or if there is a problem that you are unable to resolve.  The process aims to ‘restore love down the ancestral line’ through the systemic family constellations process

 How does it work?

A personal constellation begins with a conversation.  During this you and I will discuss what you want to explore or resolve.   You will connect to your hearts desire for the outcome of the session.  You will identify what you want to explore and who to include in the constellations.

I will invite you to choose different members of the group to be ‘Representatives’ for your family members.  This choosing is based on your intuition or ‘feeling’, or sometimes I will choose on your behalf.  You will place the representatives within the group circle, in relation to each other.

Why use representatives?

 As the representatives stand in the position in which they have been placed, they will start to sense feelings and emotions.  They may have the desire to move or speak as they feel.  This ‘living-map’ of the situation is explored further, with questions that reveal what the representatives feel.  

The representatives ability to attune into the feelings of others helps to surface ‘unknown dynamics’.  When these become conscious, expressed and clarified, you can more easily see the way forward.  Sometimes more representatives are added to the constellation or taken out.

When it may not be the right time!

Ancestral Constellations are a therapeutic healing way of working with personal issues.  So the process may bring up strong emotions and feelings.  It may not be the right time to attend if you are in a very vulnerable place in your life, that requires more on-going support.

If you are unsure contact me before booking a workshop.  I am always happy to discuss any issues you may have or answer questions. It may be that we can find a better solution and/or an alternative support system like MIND or BACP