Mapping Social and Community Conversations

Our Social & Community Forums in collaboration with BAATN are a space to start discussing some of the wider societal issues that are currently in the public domain.  We explore the history and cultural heritage of our communities through the lens of the past and its influence on the present and future.  And we look at the specific issues facing our diverse communities, by including everyone and peering through a multi-culture-colour lens.

As a participant on the day, you will connect to a community of like-minded peers.  We will ‘map-out’ a range of issues that may include  subjects that are difficult to talk about,  the unspoken, the suppressed, the taboo or the unknown, in order to look at their impact on family identity and community cohesion.

A Bridge to Heal Old Wounds

When we look at some of the current issues confronting us in modern society and globally, many people are looking for a ‘bridge to heal old wounds’.  Personal wounds, wounds in families and communities, wounds across culture and race.  All impact us, our relationships as men and women and have the power to influence and affect our children.

To build bridges in the wider world, we can start by retracing our ancestral steps within our own lineage?  We can explore the legacy of history on our communities and families and we can seek solutions to what appear to be unsolvable problems.  If we cannot give a voice to what has gone before us, it becomes hard to discuss what is in the present.  Until we start to heal our own families the work of building bridges in communities will be incomplete.  The forums offer participants an opportunity to……

  • reflect on relationship dynamics that impact on family and community wellbeing
  • start breaking down barriers that stop us from connecting across cultures
  • explore the indigenous wisdom that is held in communities even if unrevealed
  • take steps to restore the flow of love in our families and communities

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Feedback from Participants: 

“Definitely gave me more of an idea systemically.  Personal development wise, it has made me more aware of my own family system.” 

“We were able to explore and discover family and heritage dynamics in a very open and powerful way. I feel that this workshop has had a deep impact on how I view my role in my family, my work and the communities that I live in.” 

“I mostly liked working in a safe space with Black and Asian people.  I felt relaxed in a way that I don’t when I am the only or one of the few people of colour.”

“It was healing for me! I had no expectations but I was grateful for the experience.”