Constellation Circles

Monthly Constellations Circles

‘A constellation reveals the re-cycling pattern of transgenerational life past, present and future”

DATE: Saturday 3rd March 2018
TIME:  2pm-5pm
VENUE: North London tbc
Cost: £20 in advance £25 on the door

Our ‘taster’ Constellations Circles are short experiential sessions for people who want to explore the systemic constellations method before committing to a more in-depth 1 day workshop.  During the circle we will work in a variety of different ways to explore the issues that participants bring, this could include small group work, paired and individual work.

A Constellation as a ‘Visual Map’

We will use this visual mapping process to demonstrate how a constellation can reveal ‘hidden’ dynamics in networks of relationships,  the wider system and/or the key issues.  We will use a variety of tools and resources depending on the question or situation that is being explored.  Group members can stand in the place of a person or issue or we can use coloured felts, our urban village of diaspora dollies or even shells or small stones

This is an emergent process and there will be time to do 2 short group constellations on a work,  social or personal issue.  We may also combine group work with pairs work or individual coaching depending on the numbers of people who attend.

These circles are open to all and take place in North London.  If you want to know more about whether this approach is right for you, get your questions answered here or if you are ready Book Here