Witness Constellations Coaching Sessions

DATE:  Saturday 7th July 2018
TIME:  1pm-5pm
VENUE: 9 Manor Gardens, London N7 6LA For Directions Click Here
Cost: £30 in advance BOOK HERE ONLY 4 X 45 Minutes Places Available

Individual Coaching in a Group Setting

This group coaching session will be limited to 4 participants all of whom will have a 45 minute individual Coaching session with other group members in a supportive observer role. Constellations Coaching and Witness sessions are for individuals that are comfortable doing personal work in small groups .  This form of coaching can help you to explore relationships and community networks and act as a form of ‘family research’.  It can be very powerful to work on an issue and have this ‘witnessed’ by others in a supportive community.

As you form your constellation you will notice how you place family members in relation to each other.  You will see who is far away and who is close.  Who has been included and who excluded. In this way you will start to see relationships between family members and in community differently.  You will have a number of perspectives to choose from and you start to make connections that hitherto have been hidden from view.  You may come for one coaching session or choose to have several so that you can conduct family research in-between, to help speed up the process of ‘reconnecting to family ‘roots’.

Making Sense of What’s Not Working?

You can use our 100+ Diaspora dollies alongside other tools, stones, shells, guidance cards and floor felts.  Often families and communities have been split and family members are disconnected from each other.  The great thing about this approach is that you can ‘map’ a large network of relationships or an entire community.  You will…..

  • Map-out your ancestral connections
  • Notice how family members are placed
  • Review who is far away and who is close.
  • Identify who is excluded or forgotten
  • Explore your place of belonging in the family
  • Identify where you may be carrying the legacy of past family members
  • If you want to explore your ancestral history with the support of others in a ‘witnessing’ role, these sessions are for you. For more information on how these session could be of benefit to you contact Sonya