Constellations and Witness Coaching

‘The Search for Roots and Identity in a World that has forgotten about Community and Spirit”

These witness sessions can be individual or small group session and are for you if want a more private place to explore your family history or want he support of others in ‘witnessing’ your constellation.  Constellations and coaching can help you…..

Reclaim your ‘cultural roots’?

Find out more about your lineage?

Remember your ancestral connections?

Reconnect to a lost cultural heritage

Find your place of belonging in the family?

Re-assess your cultural history?

Look at difficult family issues like ‘colourism’

Many of us  come from families and communities that have been split and disconnected from our ancestral heritage.  Coaching can help in the ‘search for roots’ and connection to homelands.  It can start you on your journey towards  self-acceptance and cultural and spiritual identity.  And it can explore your ancestral family lineage,  from an indigenous perspective using  a holistic systemic approach and healing rituals.

Mapping a constellation on a personal or family issue is to dive deep into the heart and soul of the problem.  The intent of ancestral coaching and family witnessing is to  make sense of the ‘entanglements’ in your family system and re-story them from a different perspective.  It is a kind of  ‘snap-shot’ of the present situation that you can do alone or call on others for support.

Making Sense of What’s Not Working?

 You can choose from a range of tools and resources to ‘map’ your constellation coaching, including dollies, stones, shells, guidance cards and floor felts. You will notice how you place family members in relation to each other.   Who is far away and who is close?  You will see who has been included and who excluded!  You will see relationships between people depending on where they are placed.


Are Your Ready to See ‘What is?’

Come for Ancestral Constellations Coaching when you want to explore family patterns that have resulted in …………..

    • Estrangement between parents and adult children or siblings
    • Family relationships that are in conflict and cannot heal
    • Your family members are carrying the legacy of others from the past
    • You feeling stuck, discontented or frustrated with your life
    • You losing your sense of identity and place of belonging in the family


  • For more information and to find out how a constellaitons coaching and small group  ‘witness’ sessions could benefit you contact Sonya