My Story

A Question of Identity!

My parents are from Guyana, South America and I was born in London, England.  My husband is Swiss-Cuban and I feel most at home in the Caribbean islands.

There are roots in many places, but where do I really belong?  This  question led me to find out more about my ancestral heritage and to family constellations work.

I have always struggled with issues of identity and belonging, starting from my early childhood.  And it has taken me many years to find a peaceful place to sit with all the contradictions.  I began to ask myself many questions including………..

  • ‘What the source was for my tension and difficulty?
  • ‘Why was I so often in conflict with my parents?
  • Why did I feel so disconnected from much of my family heritage?

When I thought back on it, it didn’t make much sense, it felt like “this couldn’t all have come from me?’ Where did the past play a part?  As I didn’t know much about my family ancestral line, I decided to start searching.  I didn’t know where to begin, so I looked through old photograph albums and then asked my father.  As I learned more I re-visited Guyana and met other family members.  I found a story of fragmentation, separation and migration and also a place of ‘belonging’ and a renewed sense of identity.

Exploring the Traditional Wisdom in the Constellation

On the day that I stepped into my first family constellations workshop, I felt that I had found something, a model or a process that spoke to my heritage, past and present.  I felt an inner peace and alignment and knew that I wanted more.  This blend of Western and Indigenous knowledge has helped me on my personal journey and led me to my professional path as a systemic constellations practitioner.

In 2011 I started learning about the systemic constellations approach and have trained to advanced level.  I have also attended various courses and workshops with other well known practitioners in the field , including Judith Hemmings in London and Daan Van Kampenhout and Stephan Hausner in Germany.  I am a member of the International Systemic Constellations Association (ISCA) and an accredited coach with International Coach Federation (ICF).  I offer workshops and coaching in London and the Caribbean. 


Professional Training Includes:
Advanced Training in Systemic Constellations
Accredited Professional Coach (ICF)
NLP  European Coach Certification
Certificate in Mediation (OCN)
Certification Reiki 1&2
Academic Qualifications:
MSc Human Resource Development
PG Dip Mental Health Nursing
PG Diploma Systemic Management