Ancestral Research

The Path of Remembering

The path of RE-Membering, can be long and difficult. There are many different paths, but how do you know which is the best one for you? If you are looking for an alternative spiritual path to the norm, what do you choose and how do you know whether your choice is correct?

What do you do when you reach a dead-end or a crossroads?  When your prayers aren’t being answered or your questions have no reply.  Do you start with a DNA test so that you can find out more about your ethnic make-up, or do you go straight to the source and explore your direct ancestral roots by ‘returning home?’

My ancestral journey started by looking for the path because I too was struggling to remember and find my way home. Home to an ancestral land that I didn’t really belong to, but which none-the-less I was a part of.

A Walk Through the Gate of No Return

Many people in search of their ‘roots’, return to their ancestral homeland and are disappointed at what they find. They may be considered a foreigner, an ‘obruni’ in Ghana, or a ‘little Englander’ in Barbados. It can feel disheartening or discomforting, but the truth is ‘home is where the heart is’ and the heart is a place to find peace and harmony in your identity and sense of self. No-one can teach you how to belong to a community or nation, or how to create a self-identity that supports your life.

You can find a stepping stone, a path to explore and find a way to reconnect to what has been lost if you are willing to search for it.  The reward is gaining more clarity about your ancestral heritage and a greater sense of ‘knowing’ about self and community.

Returning to an Ancestral Homeland

 If you find yourself on this page it is likely that at some point in the past, you have become disconnected from yourself and know that you need healing. A part of you is lost in the trauma of old family or community wounds and your soul may be wanting to find a more peaceful place.

If you stop and listen, your heart may open to the ‘wisdom’ that the ancestors can give you. If you follow the path as I have you may find more reassurance and a sense of inner peace. I have long debated why I am writing these posts, what they offer me and the reader.  Often it feels like an indulgence or just a page of words.

And then I facilitate a group workshop on family constellations.  I talk about ancestors and the role that they play in African family life. And I realise that there is a growing hunger to learn more.  Know more and be reconnected to our ancestral roots.

And so maybe that is enough?

Until next time Ashe!

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