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For the last 7 years, I have been on a personal and professional ‘seekers’ path, exploring identity, belonging and Ancestral Roots. It is a journey that has taken me to re-connect to parental homelands in South America and to research my Ancestral lineage in West Africa. This integration of personal awakening and systemic practice is both entangled and liberating. This BAATN podcast reveals both method and becoming, the first step for others on a similar path.

Family Research and Systemic Constellations

In June 2018 a few weeks after my father passed away I was invited to give a presentation to BAATN.  This is a podcast of the session, it highlights not just what the systemic family constellations process is as a method, but what it can also teach us about family, cultural heritage, the role of ancestors and ancestral research.

Whether we live in fast-moving and a growing developing nations or in westernised modern urban communities, we are also increasingly dependent on each other.   And people from different cultural backgrounds around the world to support us as part of a global community.

Searching for Identity

Who are we?   Where do we belong?  How do we maintain our authenticity and sense of identity and belonging when we carry multiple identities and know not where they are all from?  The questions that will help to shape these answers often come from those that came before us and when they have gone the knowledge is lost forever.

I am endlessly grateful that I spent the last seven years of my father’s life on an ancestral journey with systemic constellations that led me to ask him the questions about family and past life in a colonial nation-state that have helped to answer my own questions about identity and belong.

Thanks, dad, always in my heart, never forgotten, Reginald Edwin, Riance, Welch 13.10.1929 – 09.05.2018

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