Constellations Practice

Finding my Ritual Voice

One way of uncovering our ancestral family line in more depth is through the lens of ancestral constellation.  This unique method is a way of exploring present difficulties in a family or community, by looking to the past so that we can understand how to make changes for the future.  

Constellations as healing rituals are a way of looking at a family or community system within and across generations.  The aim is to restore the flow of love within the family’ and help us separate from entanglements within the system.  Often these entanglements are the result of problems or entrenched issues, that we can feel helpless to resolve.  

We can strengthen the ties to our ancestry, by making a conscious choice to delve deep and free ourselves of patterns that create pain and suffering.  This may mean both revealing and speaking about difficult issues and relationships or people that have been forgotten or are hidden in the past.

Ancestry Research on our Family Tree

My own approach  Ancestral Constellations is both a process of ancestral research and an applied genealogical practice.  When you look at ancestry research, it is often viewed as a process of creating a family tree, to find relatives and family members from the past.

This is one part of the story, the other part of the process is about seeking a resolution or healing to dilemma so that the same patterns won’t be repeated in later generations.  When we find a place in our hearts for everyone in the family, even those who have been excluded, we can heal the trauma that is passed down the family line.

This leads to a greater connection with ancestors, family members and community, past and present.  The journey can offer you a new way to think about and resolve difficult situations, by reconnecting and reconciling relationships in order to bring more peace to everyone involved.

The Practice of Ritual

Every healer has their own community and their own style. As I researched more of my own ancestral family heritage, I found myself in the company of others on a similar quest. We were all articulating a desire to be more connected to our ‘roots’. I read about people taking DNA tests and decided to take one for myself. I read articles and blogs about people exploring their family ancestors and realised that there is a deep desire on the part of many to connect with and learn from Indigenous wisdom traditions.

Ancestral Constellation workshops support the continuation of this path, the journey of personal and family healing. In family constellations work we are helping to ‘restore love’ to the family tree and extended ancestral line. Just as we would tend to the roots and branches of a damaged tree,  We can start to heal the family soul by including the excluded parts, family members or aspects of our history that we know little about.

Sharing Family Stories

As we explore ancestral constellations giving ‘space’ for each other’s stories, it is possible to share something deep, a present-day struggle or family turmoil. It is as though there is a wider sense of knowing that goes beyond family and includes an unacknowledged past collective trauma and history of its collective members. As the constellation develops, participants begin to understand more about the need to repair relationships and help to heal the friction and conflicts in their family and community life.

By paying attention to the elders and ancestors from the past and including them instead of forgetting about them we are also making a difference for the future generation. We often don’t want to discuss ‘our dirty linen in public’. But if we want to make a difference for those that will come ahead of us, we have to pay our respects to the past and ‘RE-Member that which has been forgotten or taken away!

Until next time, Ashe!

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