What you get from a Workshop

A Warm Fuzzy Feeling

You may feel a mixture of emotions when you leave the workshop. In part, there may be that warm fuzzy feeling that you have seen or done something important to you

You might be eager to share your experience with your sister, mother or partner. Or you may want to call a friend and say, “hi, I just had an amazing day …….

You may be wondering what happened. It was a bit mysterious, with different people playing the role of you family members or others and creating meaning from it.

You may be angry or confused, even if you don’t know what happened. But you do know that something important HAS happened!

A Reflection of What You Bring

What you will get out of an Ancestral Constellations Workshop is a reflection of what you bring, your own family, your community, and your life. It is also influenced by your expectations and hopes for the day.

Everyone is different. People come to a workshop because they want to explore difficult issues in their lives and relationships. They hope that by exploring their ancestral line, they will gain a better understanding of the problems and dilemmas they face.

In many cases what ‘people bring’ difficult relationships, family conflicts, sibling rivalry are not acknowledged or spoken about directly or openly.  The intention of constellation  workshops is to create  a safe space to express feelings and explore the unknown, or that which is not spoken about.

These things that you bring, such as the challenges, pain, and traumas of family life, are amplified, ‘lit up’, so that you can see clearly. Whilst this can be difficult, it is also very revealing. As one person said, “it was as if I suddenly saw something that I hadn’t seen before, I knew it existed, but I could never see it.”

And Vision

 Ancestral Constellation workshops are a great way to clarify situation working together as a Diaspora community of African, Caribbean and Asian peoples. This act of gathering together plays a central role in solving problems.

A identified issue is not usually confined to the person exploring it in a constellation or healing ritual, more often than not others in the workshop have experienced something similar in their family or community. 

You will feel like you are part of a group, working on a common issue. As you tackle someone else’s problem, it will reflect back on your own. In this way everyone benefits, and everyone takes something away from the workshop. 

As an example, someone’s auntie hasn’t talked to her sister in 20 years. You may have an “aha” moment as you observe someone else investigate what has happened in their family.

When You Leave the Workshop

You may not have a solution for Aunt Sally or Uncle Kenneth’s inability to communicate, but you are much more aware of what may be at issue. In fact, it may make you want to investigate the matter further next time …..

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