About Sonya

Transgenerational Ancestral Guide

The call to the Ancestral Path is heard by many people from around the world. We are being called to RE-Member, 'other ways of knowing', traditions that are lost or missing from our ancestral past.

These indigenous, ‘Other Ways of Knowing', look to our ancestral lineage to support family and community life. Through ritual, nature, oral traditions and 'Storying', we find profound wisdom that leads to greater inner peace.

Griottes are West African community 'Story-Keepers'.  They pass on family rituals and rites-of-passage traditions from generation to generation. They help to remind the community about where they come from and where they are going.

In seeking to RE-Claim this role, I am finding my own way to 'pass on traditions'. My therapeutic practice, Ancestral Constellations is an embodied, visual and narrative process that RE-Connects 'all a we...' to what we know deep in our bones, our ancestral knowledge. 


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