“Family Constellation is an old ritual practice rooted in Africa that sees individual challenges as linked to some form of entanglement, the nature of which needs to be understood and dealt with for healing to happen. In it, the crisis of the individual is the crisis of the collective or the community.”

Malidoma Some, 2010 Dagara Elder, Teacher and Author

RE-Membering the Ancestral Line

Ancestral Constellations are 'Transgenerational Family Rituals'.  They explore ancestral lineage from an African wisdom perspective using family constellations processes to create a Rites-of-Passage experience for seekers on the ancestral path. When people have been forgotten, excluded or are missing down the ancestral line, there is turmoil and stress that shows up in the current generation.  A transgenerational ritual can show you how and where to do the family work.

Often big moments of change and transition in our lives are viewed through the lens of significant world events.  At these moments, where there are great losses, grief and turmoil, we are called to stop and listen to what is unfolding and how it is impacting us, our family and our community. Through exploring your past, in the present, you can take steps to reconcile unresolved family patterns, so that they do not become problems for future generations.

RE-Connecting - To Forgotten Voices

Listening to Forgotten Voices can help release stuck energy in the family.  The forgotten voices from an ancestral perspective may have something to tell us. Ancestral Constellations transgenerational rituals take place in one-to-one consultations sessions, or small Witness pods for two family members to come together and support each other.

Issues of identity and belonging and the pull to connect to roots are deeply embedding in African community life.  Every life has a purpose and every family member has a role. You will explore the transgenerational patterns in your ancestral line in the context of your community and the legacy of African Diaspora history. You may find 'entanglements' or a family burden that you are carrying on behalf of the ancestral line? You may choose to release it during the ritual.

RE-Claiming - What Has Been Lost

Rites-of-Passage transgenerational rituals are indigenous ceremonies that connect the past to the present. Elders are seen as a resource in family life and ancestors support community well-being. There is a recognition that problems and illness may be the result of unresolved family patterns. Separations and migration mean that many family rituals are not attended to down the generations.

Part family research and part ritual, Ancestral Constellations are a powerful way to explore where and what needs healing in the family. The theme of the 'search for roots, identity and belonging' is set within a wider framework of seeking ancestral knowledge.  This is a theme that continually emerges from my work with people from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.  If you have questions before booking a session you can contact me here.

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