Arts Ancestral

What are Arts Constellations?

Are you an artist, a creative, a herbalist, an activist, a writer, a musician, a dancer, someone with flow and energy?

This is a process for people with ideas, creativity and innovative ways of putting them out into the world.

  • Imagine that there was a process that could help you ‘map’ creative ideas!
  • Imagine other people exploring your idea by ‘representing’ concepts, ideas, images!
  • Imagine that you could uncover your family history in your artistic expression!
  • Imagine that the personal is being drawn out of the professional!

You’re imagining Arts Constellations in Practice!


A Map of Your Creative Ideas

We are used to thinking of a constellation as a map of stars.  In Arts Ancestral Constellations.........

  • the stars are the elements of your creative idea
  • the constellation is the pattern of these elements
  • the map out by the physical placing of people in the room

Sounds simple doesn’t it, but with the guidance of our ancestors, the simple becomes profound and revelatory!

Arts Constellations explore relationships, themes and ideas within your artistic vision and professional system, through the use of a ‘mapping process’ called a constellation.  In ‘classic’ systemic constellations, the mapping includes current and future generations together with those that have gone before us, our ancestors.  In Arts Ancestral Constellations the ‘lineage’ is the sequence of your ideas over time.

Often in the creative process, you get stuck or come to a ‘sticky’ place where the ideas cannot flow.  The Arts Ancestral process can help to unblock the flow of ideas, by bringing to the surface stuck elements; perhaps in your confidence or your clarity of vision for the project.  It may be that something is being excluded or overlooked an idea or a person, that if they were put in place, would offer a new perspective on the way forward.


A 'Sticky' Place Needs a Process!

The Arts Constellations approach offers a powerful way to bring artists, healers, writers, activists and other creatives together, to explore their vision in a ritualistic way.  This process is ‘systemic’ in other words, it looks at what you are part of and creating in a holistic frame. Your vision, your ideas, your colleagues, your family members, your community, all the different voices of your personal work in your arts professional arena.

Examples of the kind of issues that can be brought to a session or workshop……

  • Whose voice is included or excluded in your work?
  • How does being the lone Black/Female/Male/Non-Binary/Queer/ artist/ writer/ performer support or detract from your creativity?
  • What personal issues are getting in the way of your professional vision?
  • How can you call on the wisdom of your ancestors to act hold and guide you through the creative experience?

For more information on Arts Constellations Workshops contact Sonya