Arts Constellations

A Map of Your Creative Ideas!

Arts Constellations explore relationships, creativity and healing within professional practice, through the use of a ‘mapping' process called a constellation.  The 'mapping' connects your work to community and family, current and future generations, as well as those who have gone before us, our ancestors.  The ancestral ‘lineage’ is the sequence of your ideas over time.

This is a powerful way to explore creative vision in a ritualistic way.  This process is ‘relational,’ in other words, it looks at what you are part of and creating within a holistic framework. Your vision, your ideas, your colleagues, your family members, your community and all the different voices of your personal work in your arts professional arena can be included or excluded.


Creatives, artists, healers, writers, activists, musicians? People with energy, in the flow and looking to deepen their creative process?

This workshop is for you, if you are looking for an innovative way to explore professional practice and your personal life path .

  • a process to map emergent creative ideas!
  • a ‘representational' system full of imagery
  • revealing ancestry in artistic expression
  • connect the personal to the professional
  • exploration of transgenerational lineage
  • ritual healing in your professional practice

Imagining Arts Constellations in Practice!

We are used to thinking of a constellation as a map of the stars.  In Arts Constellations....

  • stars are elements of your creative ideas
  • a constellation is the pattern of elements 
  • the map places people in sacred space
  • the transformation is in the healing ritual
  • reveals ideas through a systemic lens
  • art is revealed as representative energy

Sounds simple, but with guidance from our ancestors, the simple becomes profound and revelatory!

A 'Sticky' Place Needs a Process!

Often in the creative process, you get stuck or come to a ‘sticky’ place where the ideas cannot flow.  The Arts constellation process can help to unblock the flow of ideas by bringing to the surface, stuck elements that you can explore and reframe.

You will gain......

  1. confidence to include ancestral practice
  2. greater clarity over your creative vision
  3. information on inclusion and exclusion
  4. new visual and representation language

Examples of the kind of issues that can be brought to a workshop……

  • whose voice is included or excluded in your work and which to emphasis?
  • being the lone Black/Female/Male/Non-Binary/Queer/ artist/ writer/ performer
  • personal issues that are getting in the way of your professional vision?
  • drawing on the wisdom of your ancestors to hold and guide you through the creative process?

The Arts Constellation workshop is available for groups and organisations. If you would like a conversation to discuss commissioning a workshop, contact Sonya Here

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