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In Collaboration with BAATN (Black, African & Asian Therapist Network)

Our Family & Community Constellations Forums in collaboration with BAATN are a space to start discussing family issues within the context of the wider societal issues that are currently in the public domain.  We explore how to connect to ancestral family lineage and the history and cultural heritage of diverse communities past, present and future through a systemic multi-culture-colour lens.  We also look at issues facing specific communities and reflect on how to create a bridge to support healing between different cultures.  For more information and to book go the BAATN site here

As a participant on the day, you will connect to a community of like-minded peers.  We will ‘map-out’ a range of issues that may include subjects that are difficult to talk about,  the unspoken, the suppressed, the taboo or the unknown, in order to look at their impact on family identity and community cohesion.

March 2019 Theme: “Money and Abundance: Gifts and Purpose

In many Indigenous cultures, there is a belief that everyone has gifts and purpose that they come into the world with, for themselves and on behalf of their community.  Maybe this explains why so many therapists and those in the helping professionals feel ‘called’ to do their work?

Sometimes we feel blocked from our calling and money becomes a problem and a hurdle to get over.  Family relationships and entanglements create another layer of difficulty to circumvent.

During this workshop, we will explore money and abundance and family relationships using a range of constellations methods.  You will ‘map-out’ a money and abundance constellation and explore where there may be suppressed or taboo conversations around money in your family or ancestral past.

To Start to Explore This We Can Ask……

What is the work that you have come into the world to do?”

How do issues of lack of money and abundance act as an obstacle or barrier?

How do family and ancestral issues impact on our ability to do our work?

Many of us as therapists, counsellors and coaches are independent or self-employed.  What is the flow of money like in our lives and what does give and take look like between ourselves and our clients?  If you are employed, are you earning what you think you deserve and is your salary commensurate with your skills?

What You Will Get From the Workshop

This is a two-day workshop, the first 10 people to sign up for the workshop are guaranteed their own personal constellation.  There will also be some work in pairs and triads so that everyone has an opportunity to work with the process and on their own issues.

This day is open to anyone who would benefit from learning more about the systemic constellations method and is interested in the Ancestral Constellations approach.  Join me and explore and dive deeper into the meaning and essence of money and abundance.

The Workshop Will Offer You an Opportunity to….

  • dive deep and reflect on your own personal approach to money and abundance
  • explore gifts and purpose and a ‘calling’ to do particular work in the world
  • identify where money issues create disharmony in the family system
  • have an opportunity to personally constellate your own money issue
  • explore what barriers and blocks you have in relation to money creation
  • take steps to restore the flow of abundance in your life

More Information at book your place go here

Feedback from Participants: 

“Definitely gave me more of an idea systemically.  Personal development wise, it has made me more aware of my own family system.” 

“We were able to explore and discover family and heritage dynamics in a very open and powerful way. I feel that this workshop has had a deep impact on how I view my role in my family, my work and the communities that I live in.” 

“I mostly liked working in a safe space with Black and Asian people.  I felt relaxed in a way that I don’t when I am the only or one of the few people of colour.”

“It was healing for me! I had no expectations but I was grateful for the experience.”