• Transgenerational Family Work

    Healing and Reconciliation

    It’s a subject that’s centre stage and in the background at the same time.  We seem to have forgotten how to discuss these difficult issues, openly and with compassion.  We no longer have a name for this way of focusing on the world.  Nor a clear sense of how to articulate the pain of Black and White relationships like in the past, with the leaders of the US civil rights or Apartheid movement in South … Read the rest

  • Transgenerational Family Work

    A Healing Ritual for Grief

    Last Thursday it was both my 59th Birthday and the one year passing of my father.  It was a poignant day, full of bittersweet memories of what I have been gifted from my father and the recognition that I won’t see him again, at least in this lifetime. But he is on my ancestral altar and I talk to him constantly.  Those of us born and living in the African Diaspora who are RE-Membering, know … Read the rest

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