Constellation Meetings

RE-Membering the Ancestral Line

Ancestral Constellations are transgenerational ceremonies that help you explore your ancestral lineage from an African wisdom perspective. Often people have been excluded or forgotten and the family. We cannot grieve, those who are not known to us and sometimes the energetic presence and spirit of our ancestors brings turmoil and stress to the current generation.  Stop and listen to your family would, what does it desire and what are your ancestors asking of you?  To heal the ancestral line!

Witness Pods

People who work with me come for a variety of different reasons. Increasingly a reconnection to ancestry and the ancestral line is a feature of my work. The 'call of the ancestors to heal the family line' is also becoming louder and grieving the many losses of today and yesterday is one step on the journey. A constellation will take you deeper into the energetic vibrations of your ancestral line and you will be shown where you need to work on your ancestral family line.

Booking a Constellation Consultation

It has become clear to me doing this work, that in the Diasporas we all carry a lot down our family line. Initially, we will meet for a 90-minute session that is a complete piece of work in itself. However, it takes time to explore an ancestral family tree and sometimes people require a follow-up session. Consultations can be booked online via Zoom as a personal Ancestral Tree Constellation or a Witness Pod for two family members. If you are ready to take a step onto the ancestral path book a consultation now!

ONLINE: Ancestral Tree (1 1/2 hrs) US$147

Explore the deep 'roots' of your transgenerational line and reconnect to ancestral knowledge through applied family search and healing ritual. You receive a 1 1/2 hour constellation Session | 3 photos

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ONLINE : Witness U Pods (2 hrs) US$197

Ancestral family divination for 2 people. For example siblings, mother-daughter relationships or couples. You receive a 2-hour constellation session and family search | a witness as support | 3 photos

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Next Steps

Click on the constellation service that you want to book. Payments are made in US dollars via Paypal.  You can also use other currencies with Paypal using currency conversion. If you would like to pay in sterling by BACS or would like more information before booking please contact me here.

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