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A Selection of Past Workshops & Seminars

22 April 2023 - Roots of Family Constellations Workshop

This workshop continues the themes developed in the Ancestral constellations process, exploring the 'deep roots' of your family tree. The process looks at your current family relationships and the ancestors who are still connected to the family system, through memories and sometimes through the burdens that we may be carrying on their behalf. As we return to in-person workshops after the COVID pandemic, we can see a return to a more 'normal' life. But something deep and profound has occurred, the veil has been lifted, and there is a renewed sense of urgency for many in reconnecting with their ancestors.

ISCA Presentation - Ancestral Constellations a Diaspora Perspective

Seminar at ISCA 2021 Online Conference (International Systemic Constellations Association) After a decade of systemic constellations learning and training, it is clear that there are gaps in knowledge and resources for systemic and family constellation practitioners, ’all of we’ that are interested in Transgenerational Black Lives. The inequality and social justice issues that are being discussed in the public domain, raise questions about transgenerational health and wellbeing. And I believe that the systemic constellations field has much to offer Black and Brown communities, but they have been slow to find their way to this powerful healing modality. More Information on ISCA Website

A joint collaboration with Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility (PCSR)

12-13 September Radical Inclusion an Online Constellations Workshop

8 February 2020 - Mapping Communities Constellations Workshop

In these workshops, we will look at mapping community systems from different perspectives to reveal hidden dynamics and possible places for movement and healing. Using the systemic constellations approach, we aim to go beyond the boundaries of conversations that often fall back into a similar binary loop.  How can we talk about Black and White dynamics in a different way? How do we explore the continuum of gender? In what way can we speak about White privilege and denial without the conversation being hijacked by guilt and blame?

30 November 2019 - The Roots of Family Constellations Workshop

The Roots of Family Constellations workshop' will be held on 30 November.  It is an opportunity to explore the ‘roots’ of the family constellations method, drawing on the African wisdom embedded within the process. A personal constellation reveals your ‘living family tree. You will explore your network of family relationships, your cultural identity and your place of belonging in the family.  It is both a ‘step’ into family research and a re-connection with your ancestors.

23 September 2019 Wild Ginger Herbal Centre-Maryland, USA 

Reconnecting to family roots through Healing-Rituals and systemic constellations - We will meet for the day in a community to explore and take steps to restore the vibrational ancestral energy between family members and within communities. When family energy is in flow, relationships are supported, anger is dissipated and hearts are reconnected. In time, the flow of love down the generations comes back into balance.

16 March 2019 Ylang Ylang Herbal Gathering - Costa  Rica

Introduction to Family Constellations during the Ylang, Ylang herbal gathering in Costa Rica. This annual week-long exploration of cosmology, people, plants, land, liberation, birth, and beyond! Together we celebrate our stories, our knowledge, our culture and our traditions.

7 November 2018 BAATN Autumn Seminar Series - London

Stories of Healing and Reconciliation using the Systemic Constellations Method with Sonya Welch-Moring and Tanja Meyburgh. This seminar is about constellations work from the perspective of working together as a Caribbean woman of African heritage and South African woman of European heritage.

26 November 2018  Homotopia - Liverpool

Exploring Identity and Belonging Constellations with Sonya Welch-Moring and artist Ria Hartley during a day-long workshop for Homotopia Festival in Liverpool.  Launched in 2004 and is a Liverpool-based arts & social justice organisation making art, interventions and participation that inspires and unites communities. Every November it presents an annual festival of local, national and international LGBT+ arts & culture.

5 - 6 September 2018 DIY 15 - Kent

The Body is the Place. Memories are the Map is a two-day workshop for artists of colour to come together to explore the actions of memory and remembering, through these workshops that explore both the artistic and therapeutic practices that can support memory work. This will involve working with artists Barby Asante and Ria Hartley who both have explored memory, archives and family histories within their work and Ancestral Constellations with Systematic Constellations Practitioner Sonya Welch Moring.

29 September 2018 BAATN Social and Community Constellations - London

Including the Excluded Conversations by ‘mapping out’ a range of issues that may include suppressed and taboo subjects, the unspoken and the unknown to explore their impact on family identity and community cohesion with special relevance to BAATN communities.

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