Group Workshops

What to Expect from a Workshop

During a workshop, we come together in community to support  each other in a 'Healing Ritual' that focuses on the 'ancestral voice in the constellation.'  By delving deeply into transgenerational history, constellations can reveal both difficulties and strengthens from your ancestral past.

This can be viewed as a form of 'detective work' into a family or community system and can also reveal hidden stories, taboo subjects or forgotten family members.  When unresolved, these family and community memories are carried from the past into the present, acting as repeating patterns over generations.

Providing You With Insight

By exploring the past to look at the present, we see 'what is!', a snap-shot of the situation. A personal constellation can provide you with insight into the current situation and offer you a different perspective from which to seek a solution.
It is a step towards resolution. When we can find a place in our hearts for everyone in the system, even the excluded, we honour our ancestors and help future generations to be freed from the sorrows of the past.

Want to Know More Before Booking?

We run workshops on a regular basis and also collaborate with other professional networks like BAATN (Black African Asian and Therapy Network).  We will also customise training and courses in-house for organisations who are interested in systemic practice and constellations.

Family Constellations are one-day workshops for people who want to explore personal relationships and family issues. Witness Constellations sessions are half-day small group sessions. If you have questions or want to talk about booking onto a workshop or coaching session, email me HERE