Identity Constellations

NEXT DATE: Saturday 20th July 2019

TIME: Start 10pm – End 5pm

VENUE: London

PRICE: £75

TICKETS: Contact me to book here

Multiple Identities – Finding Voice, Being Heard! 

We are living through a time where people are looking for spaces to find their voice, to speak and to be heard. They want to make a difference and connect to others. Yet at every turn, there appears to be little leadership on the part of those who are in power. Instead, we see an increasingly divided world of the haves and have-nots, the forgotten and the fallen.

When we talk of Multiple Identities we refer to the different aspects of ourselves that make up ‘who we are’. These different parts go beyond who we look like and how we are defined in society, as men and women, gendered or non-binary, Black or Muslim. Included are other factors, we are mothers, father, parents, children, professional, artists and much more…..

This way of viewing self as Multiple Identities can give us a greater sense of knowing ‘who we are’ and ‘where we belong’ in an increasingly divided world. We can draw strengths and resources from these different perspectives or choose not to be defined by one category, by one gender, or one belief system. In a world that looks increasingly beyond the black and white to the greys, how can we construct bridges for healing and reconciliation……..

  • Within ourselves
  • Within our family networks
  • Within diverse communities

Identity, Self, Family, Community, Other!

Multiple Identities are formed through relationships with family, community and self. The integration of the Western and the Indigenous in constellations work, can speak to these differences and provide an anchor for those searching for more meaning.  A constellations experience can point us towards new knowledge about ourselves. We can build bridges to share and learn from others across difference. In the process, we strengthen our ideas about who we are,’our identity’ and ‘our place of belonging’ in the world.

During this workshop, we will work on these themes.

  1. What does it mean to be in a family?
  2. What does it mean to be in a community?
  3. How can our individual identities shape the multiple selves that we carry around within us?
  4. How can we reach out to each other across differences?

What to Expect

There will be an opportunity for several participants to map a constellation on an issue of importance to them.  This could be related to personal and family issues, or explore community and social justice issues.  We will use a variety of tools and experiential exercises depending on the question or issue.  For example, group members may stand as representatives for another person or an issue, a country, or even an abstract idea like Brexit.

The days will offer participants an opportunity to be supported in doing family and community work by….

  • reflecting on relationship dynamics that impact on family wellbeing
  • identifying issues in the social system that create disharmony in the community
  • starting to break down barriers that stop us from connecting with each other across cultures
  • exploring the indigenous wisdom that is held in communities even if unrevealed
  • taking steps to restore the flow of love in our families and communities

These workshops are open to all. If you want to know more about whether this approach is right for you, get your questions answered here