Personal Healing in Community

Witnessing is a form of personal ''healing ritual that takes place in a sacred space. In the modern world, we are often cut-off from others and have to walk a difficult path alone. In a Witness Meeting, 2-4 people come together to share 'stories' and explore where there may be obstacles and blockages to finding balance within the family or community life. Often these feelings arise when we do not have a clear sense of where we belong or do not know how to connect to our true authenticity and identity.


Seen, Heard and Acknowledged!

In Witness meetings, we create a 'Focusing Space' that will support you in looking deeper at current issues or dilemmas with the support of others. We look for the low hanging branches, sunken roots and fallen leaves.  In speaking your truth, you start to dig deeper, noticing the relationship ties, or emotional patterns that are creating discord and disharmony.  You will be witnessed, acknowledged and supported in the telling of your story.  This is a truly powerful and affirming way to connect to your sense of self.

The Structure of Meetings

You can book Personal and Work-Related meetings by contacting me here.  Open-Meetings are held on a regular basis in North London. The group is small enough to ensure intimacy and you also have enough time to dig deeply into your issue. Meetings usually take place on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon between 1 pm-6 pm If you are interested in finding out more or would like to put your name on a list for future meetings, contact me.

Personal Meetings (2 People)

These meetings work well for two people who want a session together. They can be used for family or lifestyle issues with couples, siblings, parent and adult child. Meetings are two hours and cost £155

Open- Meetings (4-5 People)

If you are comfortable doing personal and creative work in a small group setting, these witness meetings are very powerful and supportive. These are half-day sessions and cost £65 per person.

Work/Supervision Meetings

If there are work-related or supervision issues, I am available to attend in-house work settings. These meetings can work well for small teams and are charged at a half-day organisational rate.

What to Expect During a Meeting

Use the Ancestral Constellations approach to..

* Map a personal/life work constellation

* Explore relational mapping within systems

* Review dynamics where conflict may arise

* Identify who is excluded/missing in the process

* Identify where people belong in the system

* Use a range of creative tools and resources

* Take time for reflection and next steps


Tools for Coaching
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