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Exploring Ancestral Roots

When you know 'where you come from' and 'who you are', deep in your bones, you have found your ancestral roots.  A strong ancestral line gives you strength that grounds protects and anchors your identity, knowing and belonging. But when you are not clear about lineage, it is easy to feel separated and disconnected from other family members or your community.

You may fear the future or that which is unknown and unresolved. The result is conflict, disharmony or trauma, passed down the family line and into the following generations as recurring patterns.  From an African perspective, the ancestors are not at peace!

Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

Choose tools and resources to support your ancestral practice.  They include ‘diaspora dollies’, floor felts, insight cards and other reflection tools. This is a powerful way to gain more insight into your family history and ancestral lineage. You will gain greater clarity and a different perspective on the issues that you bring to your session.

Booking Details:

ONLINE ZOOM MEETING: 45 min Introduction US $75

This is an introductory session for people who are new to systemic constellations. Bring a question or life issue that you would like to explore use the 'mapping' process at the heart of the method.

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ONLINE: Zoom Family Tree Consultations US $150

Family Tree Consultation lasts 1 hour 30-minutes | You will receive a 15-minute Intake session | 75 minute Family Consultation | 3 x Photos of your Constellation | 24-hour Follow-up Email

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Click on the service that you would like to book and you will be taken to the scheduling and payment page. As this is an international service, all payments are made in US dollars  If you would like to pay in sterling or alternative currency, please contact me here.

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