The Approach

A Balance of Western, Indigenous and African

The Ancestral Constellations approach has been adapted to speak more coherently to BIPOC communities (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) as well as for those coming from a European rooted background. There is a recognition that community experiences and roots are diverse and the legacy of history impacts families differently and in many complex ways.

Our approach has been to build a bridge between systemic constellations and Ancestral family practices in order to balance Western, African and other Indigenous perspectives. In this way, the 'search for roots, identity and belonging' can be aligned to a search for ancestral knowledge for people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, a theme that continually emerges from work with clients. The Ancestral Constellations process can help strengthen family relationships, by exploring the impact of the past on present-day and also support the exploration of family research and ancestral knowledge.

Indigenous Roots

There are examples of African and Indigenous 'ways of knowing', that can be found within the constellations process and relates to other cultural traditions from around the world.  They speak to levels of authority, rules of respect and the different orders within the relationship system, they include....

  1. Call and repeat patterns with clarifying or healing sentences that the facilitator leads
  2. A clearly defined order to how family members stand in relation to each other.
  3. Rituals like ‘bowing’ to elders and acknowledging authority and precedence
  4. Ancestors being welcomed into the process as a part of a transgenerational map

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