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Social and Community Constellations  - A New Circle for 2020

In Collaboration with Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility (PCSR), we have begun to offer Social Justice Learning Circles.  During the first circle in February, we came together in person and off-line to explore themes around, examining whiteness and the impact of colour on Black lives using the systemic constellations method.

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The coronavirus pandemic has moved us online and we are mindful, that in an age of 'Social Distance' this is where we may remain for the foreseeable future.  We have to be more resourceful and think of new ways of working.  In one-to-one work, we can use of a range of creative resources, shells, stones, cards, figurines, for these learning circles we will be using ‘Diaspora Dollies', made in South Africa by Zimbabwean women.

Our vision was to develop a range of tools that reflected, ancestral roots, multiple heritage and embodied differences, including the skin colour of diverse communities.  Having built an 'urban village' of over 150 dollies, we will be using some of these to help map the systemic constellations process and bring it alive.  This is emergent work and we will draw on the resources and the energy of the group to create a visual, narrative illustration of our conversations.

Next Circle:  Radical Inclusion - Healing and Reconciliation in the Time of `COVID 19 ....

The scenes of police brutality and murder of George Floyd in the US have seen the  Black Lives movement take centre stage.  It is an ongoing community moment, bringing people together across class, race and colour. And yet the deep and sustaining conversations that are needed to move past token gestures and into lasting change, remain largely out of view in the public domain.

It could be that we are not yet at that step, of being able to engage and bridge conversations from different perspectives.  Or maybe the fear, resentment and distrust that is also being created in this moment, are acting as barriers to ‘dive-deep’ dialogue.

Date and Time: Saturday 12 & 13 September, Online Via Zoom, 2 pm-5 pm BST

On Saturday and Sunday 12-13 September Sonya Welch-Moring (Ancestral Constellations) and Beatrice Millar (PCSR) will be hosting two online workshops.  These will be emergent and en-visioning, a collective space for developing conversations around the concept of Radical Inclusion.

We will continue to use the systemic constellations method as a dialoguing tool.  One of the principles in systemic constellations work is to include the excluded.  In this community constellations weekend we aim to ‘include conversations that are excluded in the public domain’ during the time of Covid 19.

we will be asking questions like .....

  • What does it mean to be a Black or Brown person (keeping the framing of those terms widely open)  during this time of Covid 19 ?     (I’ve moved the phrase ‘keeping those terms…… to follow immediately Black and Brown persons)
  • What does it mean to be a White person, in support or allyship with the Black Lives Matter movement, what constraints and opportunities does this afford?
  • How does examining whiteness become an actionable tool in the real world and outside of an online conversation?

Together we will be initiating conversations on a range of issues drawn from the Black Lives Matter Movement and Examining Whiteness meetings.  We see these two themes as complementary and intertwined and we want to get curious about Radical Inclusion in the context of therapeutic settings and professional relationships.

The Flow of the Sessions

Each day will be stand alone, come to one or both.  We will frame a dialogue on Saturday from participants interests. On Sunday we will build on the themes that arise from the previous day, to shape a Super-Vision session that explores personal and  professional constellations in social justice movements.  For more information contact  me here or to book you ticket on Eventbrite go here.