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Why Should I Book an Ancestral Constellation?

There are many different reasons why people book an ancestral constellation. For some the word 'ancestral' resonates, they want to find out more or already know that they are on the ancestral path of researching their family lineage. For others, they want to find a solution to a specific situation or resolve a family conflict. Caribbean people often talk about 'family curses'. They see repeating family patterns and want to intervene and do their family work to stop the same issues occurring in current or future generations. Come when you want to explore family relationships, transgenerational lives, loss and bereavement ........


Family Patterns

The Excluded

Explore Identity

Family patterns can recycle over several generations, a legacy of unresolved issues from the past. In the current family system, you can view the patterns through a new lens of family constellations. Conflicts become clear and steps to resolve the issues can be sought and found.

People are often missing or excluded in family systems. Include the excluded people using the healing ritual of a constellation. Then you can identify family strengths in your ancestral heritage. And look for solutions that will make a change for you and for future generations.

A constellation will support you if you want to explore your identity and ancestral line and find your true place of belonging in your family lineage. A constellation will help you reconnect to your ancestry and consolidate your place of belonging in the family system.

  • Explore generational family patterns that remain hidden and unresolved
  • Someone is missing or excluded and you want to re-position them in the family tree
  • There are current family dynamics and conflicts that are related to the past
  • When you are searching for clarity on your identity and place of belonging in the family
  • If you are prepared to look in-depth at how conflicts are impacting your wider family system.

And More....

  • You are seeking answers to family questions that no one will discuss an answer
  • You are at a crossroads, marriage, loss of partnership or  bereavement
  • You want to explore generational traumas like slavery or colonialism
  • You want to look at racism and social justice issues in your family system

What you will learn from a constellation

How generational patterns can bring disharmony and imbalance to your family system.

You will explore generational patterns and unresolved ancestral relationships that are impacting your current family system.

A holistic overview of the family system and the dynamics and relationship entanglements in the ancestral tree

Examine the connections between people in your ancestral line and seek a healing resolution to family conflict and confusion.

More clarity on who is missing in your ancestral lineage and support on how to re-include them into your ancestral tree.

Include the excluded or missing in your ancestral line. These exclusions can come back to burden others in later generations.

For Your Information

Please be aware that ancestral constellations are not a substitute for professional medical care. If you have concerns about a mental or physical health condition, that might be affected by taking part in a constellations session, please check with your doctor. When you book your constellation, you will be asked to sign an Intake form that explains the process in more detail. Questions? email me here

Thank you

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