Personal Consultations

Transformation Through Change- The Present and The Past

There are two online sessions on offer.  Choose either an Ancestral Family Tree consultation for one person or a Witness Pod for two people, both offering an in-depth exploration of your transgenerational and ancestral line.

Ancestral Family Tree  - 1 1/2 hour Online Zoom Consultation

Based on the 'Ancestral Roots' work that I have been offering for the past couple of years.  These sessions are a way of exploring family relationships, community networks and diaspora journeys. Through the construction of a transgenerational map, you are awakened to your past, RE-Membering and RE-Connecting your ancestral line.  This can be a first step on the journey of family research, for those who are interested in learning more about excluded people and cultural traditions in their ancestral line.

Witness Pod - 2 hour Online Zoom Consultation

Created for two people, siblings, mother-daughter, father-son, or other familial relationships who have a deep connection to each other and want to explore their transgenerational ancestry. This is a space for people who want to witness and be 'witnessed' by one other, each exploring a transgenerational 'story' from different perspectives. This can be a very profound and moving way of reconnecting difficult life experiences and finding more balance and peace within family relationships.

Connect to Your Inner Wisdom

It requires courage and willingness to see and learn from our deepest truth! These consultations are a powerful way to gain more insight into your current and past family ancestral lineage and community history. You will gain greater clarity and a different perspective on the issues that you bring to your session.

Booking Details:

ONLINE with ZOOM: Family Tree Consultation (1 1/2 hours) US $120

Explore the 'Roots' of your family ancestral line. You receive a 15-minute Intake session | 60 minute Family Tree Consultation | 3 x Photos of your Constellation | 24 hour e-mail follow-up.

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ONLINE with ZOOM: Witness Pod Consultation (2 hour) US $160

One person maps a constellation with one witness. A 120-minute consultation | shared reflections on the one constellation | 3 x Photos of your Constellation | 24 hour email follow-up.

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Click on the service that you would like to book and you will be taken to the scheduling page, please email me to make payment for your session.  As this is an international service, all payments are made in US dollars via Paypal.  You can also use other currencies with Paypal using currency conversion. If you would like to pay in sterling by BACS or would like more information before booking please contact me here.