• Storying Oral Traditions

    Old World-New World

    I have just returned from a trip to Africa, an ancestral journey if you will!’ My journey took me to Benin and Ghana and much has changed since I was last in Ghana in 1987.  It’s exciting and forward-looking with some surprises!  A very modern city with a lot of new investment in some areas and also its fair share of poverty and hardship. I stayed for a few days in Accra and went to … Read the rest

  • Storying Oral Traditions

    Connect the Traditional and Modern

    As part of the journey to connect with my family heritage and ancestral lineage, I find myself increasingly being drawn on a healing path to connect with what feels like an ‘Ancestral Call’ to remember.  Remembering past histories and ancestral wisdom that has been lost to many of us, who survived the ‘middle passage’ of the transatlantic slave trade. When I was getting ready to visit Burkina Faso early in 2016, I didn’t realise that … Read the rest

  • Africentric Geneological Research

    The Path of Remembering

    The path of RE-Membering, can be long and difficult. There are many different paths, but how do you know which is the best one for you? If you are looking for an alternative spiritual path to the norm, what do you choose and how do you know whether your choice is correct? What do you do when you reach a dead-end or a crossroads?  When your prayers aren’t being answered or your questions have no … Read the rest

  • Africentric Geneological Research

    Ancestral Journey

    I have recently come back from a dynamic and powerful ancestral journey to Africa to find out more about who I am and where I came from.  If you do not know who you are, how can you know where you are going? When I came back from Africa, I talked to my father about my journey and he was interested and happy for me.  Born in Guyana during colonial times, people who wanted to … Read the rest

  • Transgenerational Family Work

    A Healing Ritual for Grief

    Last Thursday it was both my 59th Birthday and the one year passing of my father.  It was a poignant day, full of bittersweet memories of what I have been gifted from my father and the recognition that I won’t see him again, at least in this lifetime. But he is on my ancestral altar and I talk to him constantly.  Those of us born and living in the African Diaspora who are RE-Membering, know … Read the rest

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