• Africentric Geneological Research

    The ‘Power’ in the Letter

    If you don’t ask you can’t find out what you need to know! When I read the letter and took it to Guyana, I had a better idea about why I was researching my family heritage. And what I was seeking to find out about my ancestral identity. Back in 1979 my mother wrote to her favourite brother Eustace and asked for more details about their family heritage. My mother’s memory is poor now so … Read the rest

  • Africentric Geneological Research

    Ancestral Research a Systemic Lens

    We often only start family research later in our lives.  Maybe we take for granted the cultural traditions that we grew up around.  We may have embraced them or thought that they were old-fashioned and not worth paying attention to. Later in life, as ageing parents come closer to the ‘transition’ we are forced to look at what is being left behind and how connected we are to our ancestral past.  Reconnecting to your family … Read the rest

  • Africentric Geneological Research

    Roots Research

    Reconnecting to your ancestral roots and family heritage can be a wonderful way to honour, those who have gone before us and those that we are still in a relationship with.  In 2011 I started training to be a facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations.  That journey started after my great-grandmother Margaret sent me a message from ‘Spirit‘ during a workshop. In 2015 I left my mental health job and started on a … Read the rest

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