The Roots of Family Constellations

DATE: Saturday 30 November & Sunday 1st December 2019

TIME: 10AM -5 PM

VENUE: 9 Manor Gardens, Islington N7

TICKET: £115 for both days (special rate)

To BOOK: Go Here

During this two-day workshop, we will explore our ancestral heritage, looking at ‘Roots, Identity and our place of Belonging’ in family and community life.

It has been my experience as an African Caribbean heritage facilitator that family and community are intrinsically linked. Often it is not possible to look at family relationships, without also looking at societal issues and historical legacies.

Many relationship problems are unresolved patterns from past generations, repeating in our current family line. It may be that youare carrying burdens on behalf of others and that your ancestors are not at peace!

One way to re-connect to your ancestral lineage is through a personal constellation that maps your family tree. You will see where there are broken branches, often that shows excluded or missing family members.

You will see how close and far away people are, suggesting estrangements, separations or migration. You may spot hidden dynamics in the roots that are emerging, revealing conflicts or past legacies that are still within the family system. You can see where wider historical legacies like slavery, colonialisation or war leave their mark on family life.

This will be an emergent process depending on who comes to the workshop. We will focus on a range of personal issues that people bring, which could include sibling relationships, conflict in the family or parental dilemmas. There are also possibilities to bring difficult work issues or other community related issues.

During the two days we will.......

    • Identify where there are repetitive generational cycles within the family
    • Look at unresolved relationship dynamics that may be creating conflict between people
    • Identify how to find ways to separate from difficult family patterns
    • Explore how community and family systems become entangled
    • Investigate where healing for generational trauma is needed and what may support it

This way of working is inclusive and open to all. The Ancestral Constellations approach is informed by the family constellations method and influenced by indigenous African spirituality. Questions before you book? Contact me here!

What other participants have said about the workshop ......

"I felt not only safe, but valued, held and most importantly each and everyone of us was honoured, especially the ancestors. What a wonderful way to be connected!” - DP - Drama Therapist

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