SHADES of Life - A New Circle for 2021

During 2021, Sonya Welch-Moring and Beatrice Millar will be hosting a series of bi-monthly workshops on the theme of SHADES of Life. These sessions build on the Community and Social constellations workshops held in 2020 and with a continuing emergent feel to the work.

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All circles take place online on Saturday afternoons, GMT London UK time. There are only 8 places available at every circle, book early.

Sat 24th April 2021  2pm - 5pm UK

Sat 26th June 2021  2pm - 5pm UK

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Colour Dynamics

SHADES Circles are a systemic practice with a focus on colour dynamics as a system of entanglements that arise within families and communities. The use of a range of dollies in different SHADES, provide an opportunity to map a constellation that shows how these dynamics impact us in our personal and professional lives.

Colour entanglements can create conflict between family members and influence a person's sense of worth and well-being. Although these issues are found across diverse cultures around the world, they are not often talked about openly, lets change that!

Some of the issues that you can bring to a circle......

• Exploring colour dynamics in different communities, similarities and differences?

• ‘Colour/shades favouritism in families, impact on siblings and family networks.

• Parenting bi-racial children, how do we talk about colour and identity?

Sharing Time

There are only 8 spaces available for each circle, in order to create a space of safety and containment, so that everyone can feel free to express themselves. There will be time for several 30-minute consultations during the circle and we will map constellations focused on the issues that participants bring from their professional and personal life.

The Black Lives Matter movement has helped to raise public awareness of SHADISM as an issue affecting Communities worldwide. Facilitated by Sonya and supported by Bea, we are encouraging participants to move beyond just looking and fully engage in what it will take to examine some of these issues at a deeper level. In this way, together we help to make a change for current and future generations.

Circle People

A range of people from different backgrounds are attending and learning for the circle.  They are all a collaboration between Ancestral Constellations ( and PCSR (Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility) and are open to people of all backgrounds, colours and ethnicities.

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