My Personal Ancestral Journey

I have been on a personal healing journey for a long time, but it was only when I came to family constellations that I began to take positive steps to reconnect with my ancestral past. I started talking to my parents about our ancestral family heritage and I went back to Guyana to reconnect with family members. In 2016 I met Malidoma Some, the renowned African diviner of Dagara Heritage.  In January 2016 I began a month-long healing study tour to his hometown Dano in Burkina Faso, West Africa. It was an introduction to the ancestors and a connection to the South African, Zulu 'ways-of-knowing' in the constellation.   

Beginning to Follow the Ancestral Path

I began to follow the ancestral path on a deeper level, learning about approaches to healing and mental health and consulting with spiritual diviners and shamanic healers.  After a DNA test, that told me more about my ancestry (even though it is not an exact science) I travelled to Benin in 2018 to find out more about my ancestral past. I consulted with local healers and took part in more rituals and ceremonies that reconnected me to African roots. I know that the journey is not yet finished, the path is wide open and family constellations work is part of it.

My Professional Journey to Systemic Practitioner

By 2010 I had decided to re-train in mental health and trauma, undertaking a public health nurse course between 2011-15. This built on the skills learnt in the early years of my career, as a substance misuse counsellor and HIV trainer and it reinforced my interest in transgenerational work.  I began specialising in systemic constellations in 2011.  I undertook a foundation course with Core Constellations in Oxford 2012-13 and an advanced level training with the Centre for Systemic Constellations 2014-15.  I continue to learn from other senior practitioners in the field, including Judith Hemmings, Albrecht Marr, Stephan Hausner,  Daan van Kampenhout, Francesca Mason-Boring and Tanja Meyburgh.

Prior Learning and Credentials

I spent over twenty-five years in a variety of roles, team-work, facilitator, workshop leader, professional development coach and mediator, working across Local Government, voluntary sector and the NHS. I trained in systemic management in 2000 and developed a range of systemic learning methods and creative approaches for groups and teams.  These included large picture graphic drawing, diversity dialogue circles and systemic, solution-focused workshops.


MSc Human Resource Development
Pg Dip Systemic Management
Pg Dip Mental Health Nurse
Certificate in Mediation (OCN)
Advanced Systemic Constellations Trg


Individual and Group Coaching
Systemic Constellations Workshops
Training Courses and Programmes
Ancestral Family Research
Organisational Consultation


Next Steps…

If you would like to discuss how my workshops or coaching can support your family, community or organisation contact me.

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