What People Say .....

"Sonya is a highly skilled facilitator with a broad depth of knowledge and experience. She is both sensitive and clear in her delivery and responses giving people and the situation a strong feeling of support and guidance. She is passionate about constellations work and has a strong belief in its effects on helping people to better understand and resolve issues within their personal/professional or family situation.

Jane - Dance and Movement Practitioner, Portugal


"The workshop was a verbal externalisation of emotional internal conflict and thus was therapeutic. I was sceptical about it and then found it beneficial, the same may apply to people in the Caribbean since we do not have a culture of group therapy.In Guyana people solve their problems by going to one-on- one sessions with an Obeah practitioner.It is not to solve family issues, but to find out how to obtain money, or get rich, they may be reluctant about going to group sessions for personal problems but it is needed.  

Kean - University Professor, Guyana


"The constellations gave me a chance to focus on what is truly important. As a result, I have a lot to think about and now I have a better sense of direction.

Annalise - Teacher, Barbados


“Memory shift continue to happen. Not just seeing things but being able to consider issues with a bit more depth and perspective. It’s much easier for me to connect present time situations and challenges with the underlying early experiences and patterns in my life. I also notice that I am working out/at these issues, rather than simply being consumed by them”.

“Another thing that has happened is noticing synchronicity in my life and that of my brother who is a year older. I recall looking at our positions in the circle and being a little worried about him not being 'far enough ahead/in front' of me and thinking that I should 'step back'. The reality is that we are very parallel in our life stories at present”

Delroi, London 


Very useful in all areas.Personal development it was exactly what I needed at this time as I have been re-exploring issues in my relationship with my mother.With clients, a creative and information day of working with energy

Kamal Participant on BAATN workshop


I have been working on my personal development for some years due to severe trauma experience in childhood.I found this workshop very useful in seeing aspects of my life which I have the power and choice to change.I mostly liked working in a safe space with Black and Asian people where I felt relaxed in a way that I don’t when I am the only person of colour.I look forward to the next event

 Participant on BAATN workshop

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