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The first family constellations training focused on the exploring the transgenerational lives of people of colour in the Diasporas.


In-Person & Online

London, UK


2 Modules

March-October 2024

Structure of the Programme

This is a 2 Modular Foundation Training in the Ancestral Constellations approach to Transgenerational work with a focus on family constellations and ancestral healing traditions. It will run from March to October 2024. An optional third module, is currently being developed.


Introduction to Ancestral Constellations & Systemic Practice 

Total = 6 Days In-Person

3 x 2 Days In-Person March-May


Introduction to African/Indigenous Therapeutic Practice 

Total = 6 Days Online & In-Person

4 x 1/2 days Online June-August

2 x 2 Days In-Person September-October


This is not a training for participants to become Family constellations facilitators and lead groups, it is developed for participants who already have a field of practice that they can integrate their learning into.


Mentoring and Supervision: Bi-monthly online group supervision x 3 

Peer Group Practice: 10 hours which are self-organised

Development of Personal Genogram

Read 3 Core books

1 x Individual constellation/healing ritual supervision (to be paid directly to Sonya Welch-Moring


Module 1 Real Academy Online Portal 

Ancestral Constellations – Workbook

Video of Genogram

Sonya - Work and Author Profile

Sonya has a professional background as a mental health and emotional wellness, practitoner workshop facilitator, NLP coach and mediator. She has developed a model of Therapeutic Transgenerational practice with an African centred focus to fill some of the gaps in Euro centred therapy and counselling professional training programmes, drawing on her extensive experience in social and healthcare organisations. 

She has been a Systemic Practitioner for over 20 years specialising in family constellations since 2011. Sonya holds am MSc in Human Resource Development and PG Diplomas in Systemic Practice and Mental Health Nursing. She has trained in systems constellations to an advanced level and has been facilitating family constellations workshops for seven years, currently and is designing a training programme for practitioners.

Sonya has contributed a chapter to a book on therapy edited by BAATN (Black, African and Asian Therapy Network), published by Jessica Kingsley London, UK (2023). It explores transgenerational therapeutic issues within Black families/ communities in contemporary society and incorporates an African centred healing focus. into and. She is currently working on a book of her practice to be published by PCCS books in 2024.

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