Witness Constellations Coaching

Diaspora Dollies

Witness Constellations Coaching Session

DATES: tbc

TIME: Start at 10.00 pm – End at 5.00 pm

VENUE: 9 Manor Gardens, Islington, London N7

PRICE: Price £50 per person

BOOKING: Go Here to inquire


Seen, Heard and Acknowledged!

Witness Constellations are small group sessions for up to six participants. Each person will receive a personal coaching session with the support of others in a 'witnessing' role. They are a form of acknowledgement for where you are now, what you know and how far you have come. There will also be time to think about family research, what can constellations show us about our family tree and how do we build on what we learn?

Making Sense of What Is!

It can be very powerful to work on an issue and have this 'witnessed' by others in a supportive community.  You can use a few of our Diaspora dollies to map a personal family issue or explore community or a 'village' using a larger number, alongside other tools, stones, shells, guidance cards and floor felts.  The choice is yours, what is wonderful about this approach is that it works for small and large family systems and networks of relationships.

Mapping Community

Map your family using the constellations method and our Diaspora Dollies.  Notice how you place family members, far away, close or forgotten. Look at who has been included and who excluded, you will start to see relationships from a different perspective. The aim is to create a process that works for everyone, regardless of their cultural or ethnic background.  You will......

  • Map-out your ancestral connections
  • Notice how family members are placed
  • Review who is far away and who is close.
  • Identify who is excluded or forgotten
  • Explore your place of belonging in the family
  • Identify where you may be carrying the legacy of past family members

Personal, Creative Work

These sessions are for you if you are comfortable doing personal and creative work in a small group setting if you want to explore your ancestral history and you would like the support of others in a 'witnessing' role.  Contact here for payment details and booking.