Witness Meetings

Seen, Heard and Acknowledged!

Witness Meetings are small group sessions for 3-4 people. Everyone receives a 60-minute coaching session, with the support of others in a ‘witnessing’ role. If you are comfortable doing personal and creative work in a small group setting, witness meetings are very powerful and supportive. The group is small enough to ensure intimacy and you also have enough time to dig deeply into your issue. You will use our Diaspora dollies alongside other creative tools, stones, shells, guidance cards and floor felts to map a personal, family, community or work issue, the choice is yours.

Mapping Community

During your 1 hour personal session, you will...

* Map your own personal constellation

* Notice how you have positioned your relatives

* Review who is far away and who is close

* Identify who is excluded or forgotten

* Explore your place of belonging in the family

* Reconnect to family and your ancestral line

Meetings are held on a regular basis. If you are interested in finding out more or would like to put your name on a list for future meetings, contact here for further details.

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