Witness Pods

You and One Other

Witness Pods are for you and 'One Other', sibling, mother-daughter, couples, friends.  Witness Pod are for two people with a deep connection to each other, who want to come and do their transgenerational work together.  Couples are welcome to book, but please note that the focus of the session will be on one partner only.  This is a space for people who want to witness each other and the transgenerational system that they are a part of.

During this exceptional time, we are often cut-off from others and have to walk a difficult path alone. During a Witness Pod, one person will take the lead in 'mapping' their constellation. Exploring their transgenerational 'story' and being 'witnessed' by another can be a deeply profound experience.  You will look at obstacles and blocks within and in external relationships, often finding the balance within family or community life they had been unable to connect with before.

Seen, Heard and Acknowledged!

Witness Pods create a 'Focusing Space' that support you in looking at current issues or past dilemmas. They can reveal some core transgenerational issues as you speak your truth, your testimony!  You also have a listening ear and a witness to sustain you.  You will be acknowledged, supported and validated in the telling of your life experience.  This is a truly powerful and affirming way to connect to your sense of self. Witness Pods are held online via Zoom platform. Schedule your session here, or if you have questions contact me.

During a Witness Pod

Expect a safe space to speak and be heard!

* Map a personal or life issue, family or community

* Explore the dynamics of your relational

* Look for missing branches and excluded roots

* Seek your place of belonging in the system

* Explore historical transgenerational trauma



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