MARCH 2024

Personal & Family Issues

This is the second in a series of 1 day workshops on the theme of Diaspora Transgenerational Lives. Each workshop focuses on a different part of the family system, the maternal line, the paternal line, siblings and grandparents are included. We will explore the ancestral ‘roots’ of black and brown Diaspora communities, often overlooked, marginalised and undervalued in wider society.

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The Diaspora Transgenerational Lives Project is a new initiative developed to strengthen and support the Ancestral Constellations approach. There are three 1 day workshops, running from Autumn 23 to Spring 24.  They will be a space to share stories about Diaspora Transgenerational lives with a particular focus on the Caribbean, African, South and East Asian experience, whilst also bringing a wider perspective to communities of colour.  The workshops will be emergent, including rituals and constellations of honouring and remembering. There will also be conversations about the lived experiences of families and communities, now and in the past. Please note that tickets are by donation on the day with a price guide, that aims to be inclusive and also a fair fee exchange for the facilitator. To book your ticket click on the button links.




May 2024

Siblings Here & Siblings There

Diaspora families often left children behind when they came to the UK. When they arrived years later, they were often disconnected from their parents and other siblings. We will explore these relationships during this personal issues workshop.


10:00 am

London, UK


What will I get from a circle or course?

A circle can give you a new perspective on problems or difficulties in family relationships. A courses will add to your skills and knowledge base in systemic therapeutic work.

In both settings you will learn about family constellations and indigenous healing approaches to transgenerational patterns. You will explore ancestral principles and look for strengths that will help to find solutions to family or community issues.

What will I gain from the circle or course?

Our approach aims to bring together people from different cultural backgrounds. You will be in a community of like minded people who work together to explore and support generational relationships.

In both personal and professional  meeting you will find others who are looking at generational issues from a range of different perspectives to identify where change can take place or steps to a solution found. 

When is it not a good time to come?

This is a therapeutic way of working and may bring up strong emotions and feelings. It may not be the right time to attend if you are in a very vulnerable stage of your life. If you have any further questions please contact me Here.

Who are courses & circles for?

Circles are half or one day circles or gatherings for personal development. These meetings open for people with systemic constellations knowledge or who are new to the process.

Courses are offered at the weekend over two days or over 5 days in retreat settings. They are aimed at people who work in a range of professional settings as employees or independent healing and creative practitioners, coaches and therapists.

Who are courses & circles for?

The cost of a ticket to attend a circle or gathering varies. They aim to be inclusive and are offered at rates which make them as accessible as possible. Some circles are offered by donation and a guide price is given although you can pay less or more.

Courses are for professionals and the rates are similar to those set by BAATN (Black, African and Asian Therapy Network) who often hosts these events with Ancestral Constellations. You can find out more by going to their website Here 

Where are circles and courses held?

Most of our public circles and courses are held in the London area. If you would like to host an event outside of London please contact us at [email protected] we would be happy to discuss how we can be of service to you.

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