My first published article was Pathways to Success, in the Journal of Training and Development Methods, (Emerald Publishing) in 2005.  The second, Crossing the Divide was published in the Coaching at Work Journal in 2006.  More than a decade later I returned to writing in 2017 with a new practice blog that you can read here.  I have also had further articles published in the systemic constellations professional journal The Knowing Field  (January 2019) and Therapy Today, an online journal for counsellors and therapists (October 2019).  Currently, I am working on a commission for PCCS Books, independent mental health publishers, exploring transgenerational therapeutic practice and ancestral family research.

Published Articles

All Editorial TT Oct19

Where are You From?

What do Black counsellors do when a client asks ‘Where are you from?’ Read my answer Sonya Welch-Moring pg 49

TKF33 January2019 1

 Black Issues in the Constellations Space

Personal reflections on my 10-year journey as Black facilitator and family constellations practitioner, read more on pg 83-86.

ARTICLE Pathways To Success 2006

Coaching While Black at Work

In 2003, I was commissioned to design and deliver, the first of its find, a professional coaching programme for BAME employees at coaching at Westminster City Council in London. This article outlines the process and results.

ARTICLE Crossing The Divide 2006

Crossing the Divide

In 2006 I wrote an article for Coaching at Work journal, exploring some of the issues around Equality and Diversity in the workplace and they are as relevant today, in 2020, as they were back then.

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