Afri-Centred Practice

African-Centred Therapeutic Practice Today many of us are living in a multi-heritage world, side by side with people of different ancestry.  Often we are distanced and separated from our homeland or place of birth.  As a result we are looking more and more to our...

Therapy in Colour

Book Contributer – Sonya Welch-Moring

I have contributed a chapter on my therapeutic  practice in the recently published book Therapy in Colour (June 2023), an edited collection from The Black, African and Asian Therapy Network The focus is on antiracist, inter-cultural approaches to therapeutic practice and training. Published by Jessica Kingsley, you can get 15% off with the code WELLBEING15 Here.

The title for the chapter, Ancestral Constellations – African Healing Ritual with a Therapeutic Edge, came out of a decade long journey to develop an applied process with an African centred transgenerational focus. The intention is to support the learning of counselling, therapy and holistic health professionals, working with Diaspora families and communities.



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