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Many people are curious and intrigued by the ancestral constellation method but aren’t sure about what a ‘constellation’ is and whether this approach is right for them.  On this page, you will find frequently asked questions and answers that I hope will provide you with more clarity on this powerful way of exploring ancestral lineage.

Q. How can a personal constellation in a workshop/circle support me?

A. A personal constellation in a group setting can support you in finding out more about your family heritage, in order to reconnect with your cultural history and ancestral line.  One of the ways of doing this is through ancestral constellation workshops or circles.

Come to a workshop if there is an area of your family, community or work life where you feel stuck. Or if there is a problem that you are unable to resolve. The process aims to ‘restore love down the ancestral line’ by honouring the ancestors that came before you, as well as those in your current family and the wider community.

Q.What are ‘Representatives?’ 

A. In a larger group setting ‘representatives’ are chosen from other group members. The representatives stand in the position that you placed them in and they will start to sense feelings and emotions. They may have the desire to move or speak as they feel. This ‘living map’ of your family dynamics is explored further, with questions from the facilitator that reveal what the representatives are feeling.  

The representative’s ability to attune to the feelings of others helps to surface ‘unknown dynamics’. When these become conscious, expressed and clarified, you can start to see the way forward. Sometimes more representatives are added to the constellation or taken out.

Q.What will I gain from the workshop?

A. You will explore a difficult situation by mapping a personal constellation or being a representative. You can identify where there are stuck patterns or relationship cycles that keep appearing through the generations.  You will be able to look at your situation from different angles and then explore how you can disentangle or separate from difficult issues.  With that comes more peace of mind and clarity.

Q.How many people attend each workshop?

  family constellation workshop has between 12-16 participants.  Small enough for safety, and large enough to work with the process.

Q. What is different about the Ancestral Constellations approach?

A. All workshops and circles offer an African-centred indigenous framework that can give you a new perspective on difficulties in interpersonal relationships and wider community issues. You can explore whether solutions to problems are possible and look at how to resolve or reconcile relationship issues. The purpose is to build strong families for current and future generations.

‘Love’ is the healing force that can transform families and communities. This can be done through the Ancestral Constellations process, working alongside healing ritual work. It provides a way to restore the ‘flow of love by looking at your family dynamics ‘just as it is’ within different parts of the family system.

Q.When is it the right or wrong time to attend?

A. A workshop is right for you if you are open, curious and willing to look at your family history in a new way. There may be an area of your family, community or work life where you feel stuck. Or perhaps you have an intractable problem in a relationship that you would love to resolve, but can’t find a way to.

Constellations are a therapeutic way of working and may bring up strong emotions and feelings.  It may not be the right time to attend if you are in a very vulnerable stage of your life, if you are feeling very depressed, or have had a recent physical or mental health issue.

Q. How does a personal consultation work?

A. A personal constellation in a one-to-one  meeting begins with a conversation during which you and I will discuss what you want to explore. You will connect to your heart’s desire for the outcome of the session. You will identify what you want to learn and who to include in the constellation.

I will invite you to choose dollies, floor felts or other creative tools and resources to be ‘Representatives’ for your family members or issues. This choice is based on your intuition or ‘feeling’, or sometimes I will choose on your behalf. You will place the representatives within the cloth circle, in relation to each other.


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