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ancestral constellations

Family Constellation is an old ritual practice rooted in Africa, In it the crisis of the individual is the crisis of the collective or community. Malidoma Some – ‘the Healing Wisdom of Africa’ 


Ancestral constellations are a visual applied practice for exploring transgenerational lives. The approach can  be used in a group or one-on-one setting, using a range of creative tools, for example our Diaspora Dollies or SHADES card deck

The ancestral is the connection to ancestors and the constellation is the ‘map’. Together they create a ‘healing ritual’ that draws on your intuition and ‘inner knowing’. This way of knowing self and others is familiar to indigenous traditions with older wisdom traditions.

When we look at family relationships, we often find untold stories of exclusion and secrets that are repeating down the generations. They can be carried by different family members who feel the  weight of the exclusion without a real sense of knowing why.

We can find a place for the missing and include the excluded using the Ancestral Constellations process. These generational patterns can be revealed and steps towards family reconciliation can begin and restore the ‘flow of love’ down the transgenerational line.


digging for roots

Explore your family tree with the Ancestral Constellations model. This  process integrates Western and African knowledge systems. It focuses on the health, resilience and emotional wealth that we carry down our family line. And RE-Connects you to the ancient wisdom found in the deep ‘roots’ of your transgenerational ancestral tree.

Core Principles:

  • Strengths – Explore Resilience
  • Holistic – Integrate Nature
  • Adapt – Family Systems
  • Discover – The Excluded
  • Experience – Ancestral Lives
  • Solutions – Reframe Problems

the ancestral connection

Ancestral Constellations can be viewed as an African centred healing ritual, connecting the past to the present. Traditional cultures often recognise that individual problems and illness in the current family, may be the result of unresolved patterns from past generations. 

In my practice I am finding that people are seeking ‘another way of knowing’. There is growing interest in these older wisdom traditions that offer a different perspective on generational life. The focus of the Ancestral Constellations approach is set within this framework of RE-Claiming  ancestral knowledge for future generations.

The global pandemic has created grief and loss on a scale not seen for many generations, lifting the veil on some of the taboos around indigenous traditions. And there is more awareness about ancestors and their relationship in the healing of the transgenerational line. 


Created by Dr Lindsay Gary, this episode featuring Valerie Wade, Kathleen Evans Barnes, and Sonya Welch-Moring

mapping the transgenerational line

Ancestral Constellations explore your ancestral line looking at family members in this generation and the preceding ones. It shows connections to those we know and honour and those who we may be unaware of, or are out of sight. This healing ritual allows for reconnection to family and letting go of what we carry in this generation that is not ours, leaving it behind where it belongs so that we can move forward in our life.

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