Ancestral Voices-Family Constellations

Have ever wondered why there are so many difficulties in your family system?  Or are there patterns, that repeat over generations and are never resolved.  Maybe you feel that you are carrying an energy, some burden handed down to you from the past? You don't know where it has come from and nobody in the family will talk to you about it.  These are often ancestral voices, taboos, secrets and hidden dynamics that remain unspoken and result in conflict in relationships.

A Transgenerational Healing-Ritual

Ancestral Constellations are a 'transgenerational Healing Ritual' and a visual map of your family system.  They surface relationship dynamics and often reveal family secrets, showing why they have remained hidden.  You will see a snap-shot of your family over generations. And this revealing of family patterns will identify obstacles and give you some steps towards resolving them. When we stop to listen to past Voices of the Family, we receive wisdom to release stuck energy and move forward, 'restoring the flow of love' in our family soul.

Storytelling as Rites-of-Passage

In most cultures, indigenous traditions connect the past to the present, through storytelling and ritual. Ancestors are honoured and remembered, elders are seen as a resource and family life is connected to community well-being.  Many of these 'rites-of-passage' has been lost to current generations who are seeking new ways of knowing old traditions.  A constellation reconnects you to healing-ritual as a way of exploring personal difficulties in troubling modern times.

Group Workshops and Personal Coaching

Ancestral Constellations group workshops and personal coaching sessions run on a regular basis throughout the year. There is renewed interested in ancestral lineage and family research with people coming from diverse backgrounds to explore the work. Workshops are open to all and everyone is welcome!

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