Family Systems

RE-Membering - The Ancestral Line

Ancestral Constellations are 'Transgenerational Rituals' that explore your family system, your ancestral lineage and your cultural heritage. They combine the constellations process with indigenous traditional wisdom creating a Rite-of-Passage experience.

Ancestral constellations can look at any issue in your life, relationships, moments of change and transition, entering the world, leaving the world, managing loss, grieving.  Malidoma Some, Dagara Elder, teacher and author, says this of rituals.........

“Family Constellation is an old ritual practice rooted in Africa that sees individual challenges as linked to some form of entanglement, the nature of which needs to be understood and dealt with for healing to happen. In it, the crisis of the individual is the crisis of the collective or the community.”

Malidoma Some 2010 


RE-Connecting - To Forgotten Voices

Ancestral Constellations can show you what is needed to intervene in difficult relationship patterns. When people have been forgotten or excluded in a family system, a constellation shows you where there is family work to be done. Through exploring your past, you can take steps to reconcile issues in the present, so that they do not become problems of the future.  Listening to Forgotten Voices can help release stuck energy in the family and move everyone towards more wellbeing and balance through 'restoring the flow of love' down the family line.

A family constellation can take place in an individual session, a larger workshop, or a small group Witness Meeting.  You will explore your transgenerational ancestral history to examine patterns in your family life. You may find 'entanglements', energies that are carried for unknown or excluded others. Or a community burden that is recycling down the generations into your family system? These are Ancestral Voices, secrets and hidden dynamics that remain unspoken and result in conflict, relationships breaking down or community fractures.

RE-Claiming - What Has Been Lost

In many cultures, Rites-of-Passage indigenous traditions connect the past to the present through oral storying, Elders are seen as a resource in family life and ancestral wisdom supports community well-being.  Ancestral constellations draw on this indigenous knowledge and are part family research and part ritual, they are a powerful way to explore where and what needs healing in the family. Our aim is to bring individuals together in community, to intervene in patterns of family life that are repeating down the generations and creating difficult family dynamics.

Ancestral Constellations vision is to be part of a world where people can bridge differences across 'multiple-identities'. However many individuals, families and communities currently remain impacted by unresolved historical legacies and injustices. In order for Ancestral Constellations workshops to be a safe therapeutic space, different workshops may focus on specific communities. This will be indicated on the workshop information and booking form.

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