Responding to the Ancestors Call!

"Family Constellation is an old ritual practice rooted in Africa. In it, the crisis of the individual is the crisis of the collective or the community." Malidoma Some (1956-2021) Dagara Elder and Author of 'the Healing Wisdom of Africa' & 'Of Water and the Spirit'.

Sonya Welch-Moring (Makhosi Nyoni)

Sonya is a transgenerational therapist and family constellations, practitioner. For many years she has been studying different ancestral healing traditions in Guyana, the Caribbean and West Africa. This led her to South Africa in 2022, where she was initiated as a sangoma (traditional healer) and diviner.

She graduated as Makhosi Nyoni and uses her lived experience to integrate indigenous healing and Western therapeutic modalities. As more people search for their ancestral roots, this bridge will act as support for Black people and diverse communities from all backgrounds.

Consultations for Individuals & Families

Ancestral Constellations explore transgenerational lives. It is a process that integrates African-inspired healing rituals with the family constellation method. The 'ancestral' is the connection to family members in the past 'our ancestors. And the 'constellation' looks at how these relationships are influencing relationships in the current family system.

Together they create a 'healing ritual' that draws on your inner knowing or intuition so that you can seek solutions to family problems. For example, generational patterns that cause conflict or questions about identity and belonging. The process helps to heal the transgenerational line by finding strengths in the family system.

Look for the resilient places in the ancestral tree and explore relationship patterns that may have been passed down between generations unknowingly. In these situations, a constellation can reveal where there are difficulties and a healing ritual created to support resolution of the issue.

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Koti Keti

1-2-1 Consultations

Family Witness Pod 

Individual Consultations

1-Hour Consultation: Choose either your Maternal or Fathers' ancestral line.

2-Hour Consultation: Look at both sides of your ancestral family tree.

Explore relationships in your family system and look for repeating cycles and generational patterns. Uncover strengths that will guide and support current family healing.

Group Consultation

2- Hour Family Consultation: For 2-4 people to explore their ancestral tree.

Your consultation will explore the family tree and look at how generational patterns may be showing up in current family dynamics.

Together you will support each other to identify what will help to heal family relationships past and present.

More Information

Ancestral Constellation is a process that centres African traditions, which can also be found in other indigenous cultures. It is a form of brief therapy that can stand alone as a healing ritual or work alongside other therapeutic approaches. If you have questions or are unsure about whether this is the right approach for you, please get in touch.  I am available for a short call to discuss whether we are a good fit for working together. Please note that I will not be able to explore the content of your enquiry, just answer questions that you may have about the way I work.

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