A Transgenerational Family Map!

Ancestral Constellations explore family relationships, community networks and diaspora journeys through the creation of a transgenerational family map. The approach incorporates African traditional teachings. 'Other ways of knowing', that have sometimes been lost or forgotten, but remain deeply embedded in African heritage culture. Many second, third and fourth generation diasporans are looking to find their 'ancestral roots'. They want to claim their identity and place of belonging and are looking for community and connection.

We are often encouraged to 'forget' the past and move forward, but historical legacies continue to impact family life in many communities of colour. Ancestral trauma, slavery, colonialism, the splitting of families, all help create hidden family dynamics. If these issues remain unresolved, they emerge in different generations as re-cycling patterns of disconnection. The result is disharmony and conflict in relationships, a continued struggle for equality and social justice that affects mental wellbeing and 'dis'-ease that leads to poor physical health.

Constellations are an applied therapeutic practice to begin healing family relationships and a form of family research that will help you RE-Connect to your ancestral line. They can also serve as a step onto the ancestral path for those who are looking to RE-Member ancient traditions.  As you create a relationship with those who have gone before you, gain more clarity about why the past is surfacing in the present and what solutions can be found to create change for future generations of your ancestral line.

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Transgenerational Practitioner

I have been developing Ancestral Constellations for the last 10 years, a transgenerational systemic practice integrating African ancestral traditions. This is a developing and emergent psychological approach that has relevance for communities across the diasporas, in Europe, the Caribbean and the USA. Many second, third and fourth generation 'Diasporans' are finding a renewed interest in their cultural heritage and ancestral line.

Learning Facilitator

I offer a range of workshops and personal consultations online and in person.   Personal consultations offer a safe space to explore complex family relationships. I work one-to-one and with two people, for example, a mother and daughter, siblings or two other family members. I also offer professional supervision for work-related issues and social justice constellations.

Ancestral Guide

Travelling the ancestral path for the past twenty years has led me to conduct extensive ancestral family research and journey back to parental homelands in South America and the Caribbean. In the search for identity and a place of belonging I have returned to Africa and found knowledge and learning from African traditional healers. And this RE-Membering of ancestral traditions has also RE-Connected me to my own ancestors and family tree.