Healing the Ancestral Line!

Family Constellation is an old ritual practice rooted in Africa, In it the crisis of the individual is the crisis of the collective or community. Malidoma Some - 'the Healing Wisdom of Africa' 

Constellations for Individuals & Families

Ancestral Constellations explore transgenerational lives. It is a therapeutic process that integrates indigenous healing rituals with the family constellation method. The 'ancestral' is the connection to family members in the past 'those who went before us'. And the 'constellation' looks at relationships past and present that are influencing the current family system.

A constellation can reveal where there are difficulties and help to heal the transgenerational line. Look for the resilient places in the ancestral tree and explore relationship patterns that may have been passed down between generations. The process draws on your inner knowing or 'intuition' so that you can seek solutions to family problems.

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Individual 1-2-1

Witness Pod 

Family Constellation for 1 Person

1-2 Hour Online Individual Session

Explore generational relationships in your family system. Look for repeating patterns and cycles. Uncover family strengths and resilience that help to bring balance to the ancestral line.

Price: Session for 1 person starts from £75 (You can choose either 1 or 2 hours)

Family Constellation for 2-4 People

2-Hour Online Family Session

Explore your ancestral tree and relationship dynamics between siblings, parents and other family members. Support each other and bring more peace and harmony to family relationships.

Price: This session for 2-4 people costs £175 (2 hours+20 mins pre-consultation)

What people are saying about....

Witness Pods

Before I came I expected to simply get started on an authentic journey exploring family dynamics and ancestry in simple ways. I found it energetically uplifting and really felt something tangible shift on a deep level. Just by saying some things out loud and seeing new perspectives through other group members, I let some things go. It felt incredible to accept my ancestral emotional DNA and I got some insight into what I wanted to work on next. I am grateful to have attended.

Stella Kanu

Coach, Creative, Consultant

Family Constellations Workshops

“The moment I walked into the room I felt the presence of something very powerful and spiritual occurring. The work was beginning in an unspoken way and continued with those willing to form their constellations. It was wonderful to be a witness and participant in a process that led to a deeply moving and soulful moment, which was felt by all.”   

Patricia Rae-Woodhouse


Ancestral Constellation Sessions

Thanks again for the powerful constellation session. I experienced lots of big realisations and processing that had been deeply subconscious up until then. Since the session, I am seeing a clearer pathway for future healing and feel a lightness, peace and clarity around my family and ancestral dynamics that I haven’t felt before,

Diahann Holder

Life Design & Leadership Mentor

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