Ancestral Constellations - A Model

Ancestral Constellations: SHADES of Life

I have had ample exposure to and involvement with the process to know that Family Constellations is one of the many faces of healing ritual. Malidoma Some

Ancestral Constellations are a process for healing transgenerational relationships and the legacy of community traumas. The approach uses the metaphor of SHADES of Life as a set of underlying principles. It integrates indigenous wisdom traditions, that view ancestors as a support in strengthening the ancestral family tree.

The approach is relevant for people from many different backgrounds. We all seek to find solutions to family problems and the work of healing communities can be deepened when we come together across differences. However sometimes, specific groups need to work alone to share learning about their family and community challenges.

In acknowledgement of this, some workshops and circles are closed groups. Other offers, systemic supervision, individual constellations sessions and training courses are open for everybody to book or attend. If you would like to learn more about the ancestral constellations process please explore my site or contact me here.

The Core Principles:

  • Strengths - Explore Resilience
  • Holistic - Integrate Nature
  • Adapt - Family Systems
  • Discover - The Excluded
  • Experience - Ancestral Lives
  • Solutions - Reframe Problems

The Emerging Issues:

  • 2/3/4 Generation Identity questions
  • Bi-racial partnerships and parenting
  • Migration, adoption, separation
  • Non-binary and gender issues
  • Questions about belonging
  • A wish to connect to ancestral roots

Healing the Ancestral Family Tree

Koti Keti

Transgenerational Lives Matter

Ancestral constellations are a process and a visual way of exploring transgenerational lives. The constellation process can be used in a group setting with participants or using a range of different creative tools like the small dollies in the picture. The ancestral is the deep connection to ancestors and ancestry that can emerge as a result of the process. These two things, the ancestral and the constellation integrate into a 'healing ritual' that draws on your inner knowing or intuition. And repeating generational patterns, the excluded in your family tree and questions about identity and belonging can be asked and answered.

Services: Constellations & Witness Pods

 Personal Constellations

This 90-minute constellation is an in-depth map or reading of your family system over generations. Explore your transgenerational line by connecting family relationships with new ancestral knowledge. What family patterns keep repeating over generations? Where is the resilience in your family line? Look for the strengths in your ancestral line?

Family Witness Pods

2-hour constellation 'witness' sessions for 3-4 family members. One person maps a constellation with the others in support. Use this in-depth session to look at your ancestral line and identify what will help heal the family system. Parents and adult children can bring more reconciliation and harmony to the family tree for future generations.

More information on Booking a Constellation

My transgenerational practice focuses on relationship experiences within the family, community and workspace. People can hold fear, shame or guilt, or be concerned about 'saying the wrong thing!' In our sessions there is no wrong, there is only exploration and space to move forward.

Each constellation will last between 11/2-2 hours depending on the constellation chosen. We will meet for an initial session and this is often a complete piece of work in itself. Sometimes you may find that a follow-up constellation is helpful and this can be clarified after the session ends.

Fees are on a sliding scale with all sessions currently taking place online using Zoom. I will return to in-person consultations and workshops in Spring 2022. To find out more about the Ancestral Constellations process and to book a constellation click here or contact me for more information.

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