Ancestral Constellations - Transgenerational Maps

Ancestral Constellations explore family relationships, community networks and diaspora journeys through the construction of a transgenerational map.  Often the past has been forgotten in the search to move forward, but RE-Membering the ancestral line can give family members important information about current patterns of family disharmony and conflict.  Often these are the result of community historical legacies or family traumas that remain unresolved.  When clarity can be found about what has been carried from the ancestral past into the present, solutions can be sought and relationships changed for future generations.


Witness Meetings - Identity & Belonging

The intersection of colour, gender fluidity and sexual identity create multiple identities that challenge older traditions and family structures.  Continuing migratory patterns between continents and diasporas lead to family rivalry and sibling conflict. Inequality in social structures and discrimination remain a constant factor in many communities.  Witness Meetings are a small group, applied approach that examine the impact of these factors on the health and wellbeing of families and communities. They look at the 'roots and branches'  of your family tree and explore hidden dynamics, reveal past patterns and seek solutions for present-day relationships. More Here


Social and Community - Learning Circles

Ancestral Constellations circles look at different conversations in public life.  How do we make sense of continuing discrimination and inequality in society?  How do we explore concepts like 'race' and 'colourism' without falling back on binary constructs?  What emphasis do we give to the debate around gender fluidity?  What is our relationship with herbs, plants, ecology, nature?  How do we address questions of migration and belonging? What is intersectionality? Learning circles and workshops are a place to bring these questions.  They explore these conversations in a different way, using a systemic framework and an intersectional social model. More Here


Ancestral Consultations - Personal Sessions

Many people are drawn to a personal consultation because they are remembering older ancestral traditions. They intuitively recognise that answers to repeating patterns down the generations are being lost, as Elders transition into ancestors.  Often people are beginning a journey of ancestral research on behalf of the family.  They are hearing the 'call of the ancestors' and responding to another way of knowing that feels familiar, but has not yet been fully identified. Part family research and part ritual a personal consultation will show you the deep connection between your heritage, your ancestral 'story' and your inner wisdom.  Book a session Here.


Creating Safe Spaces - Containering & Holding

We aim to create safe spaces to explore and contain difficult issues. This is deep work and people are often surprised at what emerges.  As we are exploring family lineage over generations and/or social, historical and sometimes traumatic community issues, strong feelings can surface. For this reason, some workshops will be focused on specific groups and this will be indicated when you book a workshop. If you have questions before booking a workshop or consultation contact me.

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