Ancestral Voices-Family Constellations

My parental ancestral heritage is from Guyana, South America.  The only English speaking country on the continent, its people come from Amerindian, African, East Indian, Chinese and European roots.  It is truly a melting pot, that together, have created a unique and rich culture.  With a history of colonialism created from the residue of the slave trade, indentured labour from India and a fairly rigid class system, the Guyanese population co-exist side by side, but often there has been cultural and racial tensions to overcome.

The Importance of Inclusion

It matters to me to explain this, because often I am asked, "Is this work for me, I come from an English or European background?" Sometimes clients will say, "I don't identify as Black, can I still come to a workshop and will I be accepted?  One of the principles in systemic constellations work is to include the excluded and to find your place of identity and belonging in a family or community.  As a product of Guyanese culture and married to a man of Cuban/German descent, inclusion is a fact of life, it permeates everything including my work.

Family Patterns - Generational Cycles

Sometimes difficulties in your family system are caused by similar factors, differences in race, culture or faith.  Or there may be patterns, that repeat over generations and are never resolved.  Maybe you feel that you are carrying 'energy' or some burden for others, handed down to you from past generations? You don't know where it has come from and nobody in the family will talk about it.  These are often ancestral voices, taboos, secrets and hidden dynamics that remain unspoken and result in conflict, mental ill-health or relationship fractures.

A Transgenerational Healing-Ritual

Ancestral Constellations can be viewed as a 'transgenerational Healing Ritual' and a visual map of your family system showing relationship dynamics that may have remained hidden over generations. A constellation of your family or community system is a 'snap-shot' of the present day situation. When issues are surfaced it is possible to explore the underlying causes, identify obstacles and find some steps towards resolution. When we stop to listen to past Voices of the Family, we receive wisdom to release stuck energy and move forward towards family resolution.

Storytelling as Rites-of-Passage

In many cultures from Africa, India, China and other countries around the world, indigenous traditions connect the past to the present, through storytelling and ritual. Ancestors are honoured and remembered, elders are seen as a resource and family life is connected to community well-being.  Many of these 'rites-of-passage' have been lost to the current generation, who are seeking 'new ways of knowing old traditions'.  A constellation reconnects you to these healing-rituals, as a modern way of exploring and reconciling personal and community dilemmas.

Group Workshops and Personal Coaching

Ancestral Constellations group workshops and personal coaching sessions run on a regular basis throughout the year. There is renewed interested in ancestral lineage and family research with people coming from diverse backgrounds to explore the work. Workshops are open to all and everyone is welcome!  Contact Sonya Welch-Moring for more information here