Responding to the Ancestral Call!

"Family Constellation is an old ritual practice rooted in Africa. In it, the crisis of the individual is the crisis of the collective or the community." Malidoma Some Dagara Elder Author 'the Healing Wisdom of Africa' 

Constellations for Individuals & Families

Ancestral Constellations explore transgenerational lives. It is a process that integrates indigenous healing rituals with the family constellation method. The 'ancestral' is the connection to family members in the past 'those who went before us'. And the 'constellation' looks at relationships past and present that are influencing the current family system.

A constellation can reveal where there are difficulties and help to heal the transgenerational line. Look for the resilient places in the ancestral tree and explore relationship patterns that may have been passed down between generations. The process draws on your inner knowing or 'intuition' so that you can seek solutions to family problems.

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Family retreat 327x192

Family Mapping

Witness Pod 

Family Mapping for 1 Person

2-Hour Individual Consultation

Explore transgenerational relationships in your family system and look for repeating patterns and cycles. Uncover strengths and family resilience that will guide and support ancestral healing.

Fee:  £135 (2-hour online session) Payment link sent after booking online.

Witness Pod for 2-4 People

2- Hour Family Consultation 

Explore your ancestral tree and the relationship dynamics between siblings, parents and other family members. You will support each other in identifying what will help heal current relationships.

Fee: £180 (2-hour online session) Payment link sent after booking online.

Let's talk!

Ancestral Constellations are a therapeutic approach to transgenerational family life. For many years I have been studying different ancestral healing traditions travelling across the Caribbean and Guyana and to West Africa and South Africa. If you have questions and want more information before booking a constellation.

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