Transgenerational Ceremony and African Inspired Ritual


We enter into ritual in order to respond to the call of the soul.  Malidoma Somé Ritual: Power, Healing and Community


Many people want to get RE-Connected to their indigenous traditions and ancestral practices! Ancestral Constellations are African healing rituals and transgenerational ceremonies. A form of applied genealogy and ancestral search, they support you in RE-Claiming your family lineage and developing a closer relationship with your ancestors. Many indigenous traditions include ‘ancestors’ in family life, those who came before us. And there is an acknowledgement of the Elders and their role in family and community life.

RE-Claiming Ancestral Knowledge

Birth, marriage, and eldership are important life experiences celebrated by Rite-of-Passage ceremonies. Ancestral Constellations explore these life cycle moments as well as your ancestral lineage, past and present. We are often encouraged to forget about the past and move forward. But without looking back we cannot RE-Claim our ancestral knowledge. Nor can we heal the ancestral traumas that remain deeply embedded in our family systems.

Repeating Patterns

Unresolved family relationships from the past, often emerge into the current generation. This creates conflict and confusion in the family system with repeating patterns of disconnection and loss. An example is the splitting of families as people emigrate in search of a better life, sowing seeds of discontent in later generations. Many people are looking to Ancestral traditions, cosmologies, and healing rituals to fill in the gaps in their knowledge.

Constellations and Healing Ritual

If you are in search of your ancestral roots, identity, and belonging, a healing ritual will support your journey. If you are stepping onto the ancestral path, an Ancestral Constellation will guide you in the journey of family search and can be a 'first step' on the ancestral path. These are powerful rituals that will support you in building a stronger vision of your ancestral tree and the relationships that it supports. RE-Member your ancestors, RE-Connect to your ancestral line and RE-Claim your ancestral roots. If you have questions contact me here.

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Ancestral Constellations are a way to connect with your living family members and the ancestors that preceded them. Ritual and divination are a part of the process, a core feature of African Traditional Spirituality.

ONLINE: Ancestral Tree (1 1/2 hrs) US$147

Explore the deep 'roots' of your transgenerational line and reconnect to ancestral knowledge through applied family search and healing ritual. You receive a 1 1/2 hour constellation Session | 3 photos

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ONLINE : Witness U Pods (2 hrs) US$197

Ancestral family divination for 2 people. For example siblings, mother-daughter relationships or couples. You receive a 2-hour constellation session and family search | a witness as support | 3 photos

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Want to Know More Before Booking?

If you want to know more about what to expect from a constellation session, email me here

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