Ancestral Constellations in a Time of Change

The Coronavirus Pandemic is creating change and transition on a level the world has not seen before and it's going to take time to adapt and re-set our lives.  Over the past year I have been moving online offering One-to-One, individual personal consultations and Witness Pods for 2-3 people.  The Ancestral Constellations approach draws on the systemic constellations method and adapts it to explore the 'transgenerational ancestral roots', Black Brown and White Diaspora family lives, in their community and historical context

In early 2020, a collaboration with (PCSR) Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility led to our first Social Justice and Community workshop. With the sudden onset of the pandemic, lock-downs and social distancing around the world, the emerging Black Lives Matter movement resonated with our vision.  We are continuing to develop a series of workshops using the systemic constellations method, to explore a range of social issue conversations in the public domain. For more information contact me or explore the PCSR webpage here.

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Personal and Professional Services

Online Personal Consultations

Family Tree Consultation - 1 1/2 hour Session exploring the deep 'roots' and cultural signifiers of your transgenerational lineage, based on the Ancestral Constellations approach. Book here

Witness Pod Consultation- 2 hour Session One person maps a constellation with one witness as support, perfect for a sibling, adult parent-child, or couple relationship.  Book here


Online Professional Events

Learning Circles - In collaboration with PCSR

We are developing a range of Social and Community Constellations events alongside Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility, covering a range of emergent topics in the public domain. The next events will be held on 12 and 13 September 2020 via Zoom. For more information, explore the PCSR Circle page, view the PCSR website or contact me.

Safe Spaces - Visioning and Exploring

In creating safe spaces to focus on this deep work, people are often surprised at what emerges.  As we explore family lineage over generations and/or socio-historical community events, strong feelings can surface.  When you book a consultation or workshop, I will ask you to complete an agreement form that will help build support, outlining clearly how we will work together.

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