RE-Membering the Ancestral Line?

I have had ample exposure to and involvement with the process to know that Family Constellations is one of the many faces of ritual. Malidoma Some

Ancestral Constellations is a process for RE-Membering the ancestral line. It is an integration of Western systemic constellations and African ancestral wisdom. The focus on  'transgenerational Lives' explores the roots of Black, brown and white people in a Diaspora context that includes a social community and historical context. When we look at problems and difficulties in family relationships, we often find untold stories of exclusion and secrets that have been excluded in the ancestral line. In later generations, different family members may feel that they are carrying the weight of these exclusions without a real sense of knowing why. You can look at any issue in your life including change and transition, entering the world, leaving the world, loss and grief.

When people have been forgotten, excluded or are missing in a family system, a transgenerational ritual can show you where and how to do the family work. Through exploring your past, you can take steps to reconcile issues in the present, so that they do not become future problems. One of the key principles is to include the excluded. The intention is to reconnect family members and start to restore balance and harmony down the generations.

What are Ancestral Constellations?

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Family Roles  & Patterns

Including the Missing & Lost

Identity & Belonging

Patterns can recycle through several generations. Think of a family member nobody will talk about. If you know that there are unspoken secrets, or a fractured relationship between parents, siblings or other family members. They are all constellations issues.

People are often missing or excluded in many families. You can Re-Connect relatives by acknowledging them and their position in the family system. The healing ritual of a constellation can support you in bringing harmony and balance to your family line.

Many people are drawn to constellations work because they want to know who they are and where their place of belonging is in the world. Ancestral research supports the embodied process of RE-Claiming and RE-Membering your ancestral heritage.

When Would I Need a Family Constellation

  • When you want to  explore generational family patterns that remain unresolved
  • When someone is excluded and you want to re-position them in the family tree
  • When there are current family dynamics and conflicts that are related to the past
  • When you are searching for clarity on your identity and place of belonging in the family
  • When you are seeking answers to family questions that no one will discuss answer
  • When you are at a crossroads, marriage, loss of partnership or  bereavement
  • When you want to explore generational traumas like slavery or colonialism
  • When you want to look at racism and social justice issues in your family system

Where Can I book a Constellation?

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I am currently only working on Fridays.

All sessions take place online using Zoom which works well for constellations work.

You may already have an idea about what you want to explore. If you do not the core issue will emerge during the session.

This is a deeply therapeutic process that can reveal family bonds and show you where there is more work to be done.

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Pick a Dolly if you have a question about a family relationship and want a quick answer. In this short session come prepared with a question and pick 2-4 dollies to explore what is revealed. You will place each dolly in relationship to each other. Then look at who is standing close and who is far. Who is looking at each other and who is looking away. It shows a snap-shot in time.

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Family Branches this constellation session looks at your current family system 'What is!' You may already have an idea about the situation, what is and isn't working. Maybe you want to check a story that you have been told. Or, you want a different perspective on the family conflict?  One session is often enough to get clarity and find the next step.


Ancestral Tree is a longer more in-depth constellation that maps your family system over several generations. Get to the core of the presenting issue, explore family stories and look for repeating patterns that burden the family system. A constellation can be used for personal and professional life issues, often they are entangled and need to be separated.

Witness Meeting

Witness Pod a constellation session for 2-3 people. One maps a constellation, while the other acts as a support and witness. This is a wonderful way to help heal relationships. Siblings, mother-daughter, couples and blended families can all benefit from working together to bring more balance and harmony back to the ancestral family tree.

If you want to contact me before booking a session, email sonya@sonyawelchmoring.com