Malidoma Some Dagara Elder, teacher and author on ritual ......

"Where ritual is absent the young ones are restless or violent, there are no real elders, and the grown-ups are bewildered. The future is dim!"

Malidoma Some, p.g. 12  Ritual Power, Healing and Community

A Journey into  Ancestral Knowledge

Many people are returning to ancestral roots, seeking answers to some of the difficult family and community issues that we face in contemporary society. Traditions are fading, the role of Elders is diminishing, knowledge is being lost. Ancestral Constellations was born out of a study healing trip that I took to Burkina Faso with Malidoma Some Dagara Elder, Shaman and author of 'The Healing Wisdom of Africa' in 2016.

I began to recognise the deep connection between ritual-healing and the systemic constellations method, both share similar indigenous roots. Since then I have attended workshops and seminars, learning about ancestral traditions, rites-of-passage ceremonies, grief rituals and divination.  And I have followed a parallel path with systemic constellations, undertaking advanced training and learning from senior practitioners in the field, I have begun to RE-Member!

RE-Connecting to 'Other Ways of Knowing'

Ancestral Constellations explores different ways or connecting with your ancestors and family lineage drawing from a range of traditions and 'different ways of knowing'. Healing-Ritual, Divination and Witnessing are ancestral practices, framed by a systemic constellations practice that supports you in reclaiming and reconnecting to your ancestral 'story' and inner wisdom.

During Workshops or Witness Meetings, you will explore your ancestral history and patterns in your life that disrupt or disconnect you from your purpose and living your best life. You may find unknown 'entanglements' in relationships that keep you stuck or family burdens that are passing down the generations that you want to leave behind.

RE-Claiming - What Has Been Lost

In many cultures, Rites-of-Passage rituals are indigenous ceremonies that connect the past to the present. Elders are seen as a resource in family life and ancestors support community well-being. There is a recognition that problems and illness may be the result of unresolved family patterns.  And separations and migration have impacted successive generations of community life.

Part family research and part ritual, Ancestral Constellations are a powerful way to explore where and what needs healing in the family. We aim to create safe-spaces to explore difficult issues. Sometimes this is best done when communities work together and this will be indicated when booking a workshop. If you have questions you can contact me Here

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