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RE-Membering the ancestral line for current & future generations

Ancestral Constellations are a transgenerational method for exploring your family line. The ‘ancestral’ is the connection to family members in the past ‘our ancestors’. Whilst the  ‘constellation’ looks at how these ancestral relationships can continue to influence relationships in the current family system. For example a relative that nobody in the family speaks to, an aunt that is forgotten, or a grandfather that is unknown. The embodied process of a constellation ‘maps’ relationships to explore the ancestral line as a process of remembering the forgotten and replacing the lost or missing in orders to bring more harmony and peace to the current family line.

Discover Your Ancestral Line

Explore your ancestral family line in a range of different ways. Register for a course, book onto a workshop, or apply for our new training programme beginning in 2024. You will find a unique perspective on transgenerational family lives in colour.

Restore Balance & Harmony

 A constellation cannot heal everything that went before, but they can support you to look at the resilient places in the family system and find solutions to problems that are influenced by the past. Find out more about our therapeutic sessions by clicking learn more.

Consultation Sessions

Personal One-to-One (60)

This family constellation session is for 1 hour and explores any aspect of family, work or community life.

Transgenerational Session (90 minutes)

This is a more in-depth constellation session exploring the roots of your ancestral line, maternal or paternal.

Couples Constellation (90 minutes)

Use this session to look at the dynamics of your relationship or explore your family line with support.

Family Witness Pod (2 hours)

This session is for 3-4 members of a family looking at transgenerational relationships in the family system.

Book a Personal Session Online

I offer personal Ancestral Constellations meetings every Friday or on a Saturday (by request). Book with me Sonya aka Makhosi Nyoni by using my online calendar. If you would like a consultation outside of these times please contact me.

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