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RE-Membering the ancestral line for current & future generations

Ancestral Constellations explore Diaspora Transgenerational Lives of Colour. They are acts of reverence and honour those who have gone before us. And they explore the ancestral codes of indigenous cultures as ‘another way of knowing’ family life.

These are healing rituals that weave and dance into the visible and invisible world. A space is created for the flow of energy in the family ancestral line to be revealed, in order to bring a light to shine on missing or unknown family members.

Healing ritual seeks to know more about what can be revealed through connecting ancestors to the family line. They are a path for the wanderer who has not made it safely into the invisible world and form a bridge for them to cross over.

And the ancestral brings to therapeutic practice the indigenous knowing of African, Caribbean and Asian cultural knowledge systems that are often suppressed. This is the role of spirt and the ancestors in transgenerational family life.


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Sonya Welch-Moring - Facilitator & Ancestral Guide

Ancestral Constellations are a series of steps that explore your current family line. The ‘ancestral’ is the connection to family members in the past ‘our ancestors’. The  ‘constellation’ looks at how these past connections influence the family system now. For example a forgotten aunt that nobody speaks about or a unknown father. 

Sonya will gently lead you through the process as ‘another way of knowing’ that can answer a question about relationship entanglements or ancestral dynamics. When you explore the ancestral line as a process of RE-membering and RE-placing the lost or missing, you bring more light, harmony and peace to the transgenerational line. 

This approach integrates Western therapeutic approaches and African indigenous embodied healing ritual.  Schedule a Personal Transgenerational Healing session or a Witness Pod for 2-4 family members. Each session is online and takes 90 minutes. If you want more information before booking you can Get in Touch

Transgenerational Healing (1 1/2 hours)

This more in-depth constellation session explores the roots of your ancestral line, maternal or paternal.

Family Witness Pod (2 hours)

This session is for 3-4 members of a family who want to explore transgenerational relationships together.

Discover our 1 Day Workshops 

The Diaspora Transgenerational Lives Project is a new initiative developed to strengthen and support the Ancestral Constellations approach. There are three 1 day workshops, running from Autumn 24 to Spring 25.  This will be space to map your family constellation with a particular focus on the Caribbean, African, South and East Asian experience, and other communities of colour.

2 Day Learn the Essentials Course

This 2-day course serves as an introduction to the  Foundation Training in Systemic Constellations & Transgenerational Healing hosted by BAATN (Black African, Caribbean and Asian Therapy Network). The weekend of professional learning explores personal, family and community constellations. This approach integrates the indigenous roots and ancestral traditions found within the Ancestral Constellations process. The next Essentials course takes place on 21-22 September 2024. Find out more and book your place.

Modular Training Programme

A constellation cannot heal everything that went before, but they can support you to look at the resilient places in the family system and find solutions to problems that are influenced by the past. Find out more about transgenerational family by clicking Learn More.

Healing Retreats & Immersions

Healing Retreats and Learning Immersions are aimed at people who are on a journey of self-discovery and ancestral learning. The main purpose of the events are to bring traditional indigenous healing to therapeutic  practice. The retreats and learning immersions look deeply into  the Diaspora ancestral family field, at both a personal and professional level.

The first Ancestral Call Transgenerational Healing Retreat will be held between 8-17 November 2024. Click for more information or to schedule a free Discovery Call. Subscribe to our News Circular to find out about future dates and venue for the 2025 Immersion.

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