Modular Programme  2025

The second Ancestral Constellations Foundation Training in Systemic Constellations and Transgenerational Healing in collaboration with BAATN will run from February – July 2025. Applications are open now!

programme overview

2 modules

February – July 2025

structure of the programme

BAATN (Black, African and Asian Therapy Network) in collaboration with Ancestral Constellations is offering a 2 module foundation training in Systemic Constellations and Transgenerational Healing with a focus on communities of colour in Western Diaspora countries. The programme will run from February – July 2025, applications for the 2nd intake are open APPLY HERE


Ancestral Constellations in collaboration with BAATN has developed a new Foundation training programme in Systemic Constellations with a focus on the Transgenerational Lives of Black and Brown Diaspora Communities. Our vision is to provide a pathway for people from diverse backgrounds to train in transgenerational family work from an African and ancestral-centred perspective.

After a successful launch, the next programme will start in February 2025 and explore Transgenerational Family Life from a Diaspora perspective. It grounds participants in the principles and practice of Ancestral Family Constellations, a process that draws closely on an integration of both Western systemic and Indigenous ancestral family traditions.

The learning will incorporate, systemic constellations, family ancestry, ancestral Indigenous traditions and personal healing rituals over two modules. There is an optional third module in October 2025 will be an Intensive Learning Immersion over 5 days in South Africa.

The Ancestral Constellations approach draws on the systemic constellations method developed by Bert Hellinger, who was a German Catholic priest and missionary for over 17 years in South Africa. He observed African ancestral family traditions and integrated them into a Western therapeutic model which became family constellations.

The training draws heavily on the ancestral perspective which is at the ‘root’ of the systemic constellations method. Notably concepts on health, emotional well-being and the role of the ancestral and ancestors in family and transgenerational life. The main intention of the programme is to fill a gap in learning in therapeutic training courses with a focus on Diaspora Transgenerational Lives.

The training is designed for those new to, or at an intermediate stage of knowledge in systemic constellations work. It is not designed to train participants to become systemic constellations facilitators leading groups. It has been developed for participants who already have a field of practice that they can integrate their learning into.


Module 1 – Introduction to Ancestral Constellations & Systemic Practice
The focus is on the principles and practice of systemic and family constellations to create a strong foundation of learning. We will look at the the concept of ‘orders of love’ that Hellinger developed and the principles that lie behind the model including the ancestral overlay deep in its roots.

MODULE 2 – Introduction to African-Centred Therapeutic Practice
We will delve deeper into ancestral traditions, especially those that emphasise community, to explore how this holistic approach can support Diaspora family life. This will include the work of elders like Malidoma Some and we will also examine the indigenous concept of ‘Rites of Passage’ alongside the more familiar concept of stages of the life cycle.


A 5 Day Learning Immersion in South Africa, an opportunity to continue the work on African soil and learn more about ancestral family traditions.


6 Day In-Person

Module 1 – gives the participant an overview of the Ancestral Constellations approach and consists of both theory and practice. This is an In-Person module taking place over six-weekend workshops in London in 2025. It gives an introduction to the ancestral and African roots of the method and provides an African-centred overview of the process, drawing on indigenous traditions, beliefs and concepts about mental health and emotional wellness. Both personal openness to learning about your family lineage and professional interest in using this framework within your practice will be required.


6 Days Online and In-Person

Module 2 – contains both theoretical and experiential components that extend on the information presented in Module 1 and is primarily focused on the application of the Ancestral Constellations model for Black and Diaspora individuals, families and communities. This will be a combination of theory and practice and we will utilise a range of creative methods. You will create a toolkit that can be used for one-to-one therapeutic practice and/or integration into your professional work specialism. It is recommended that you begin practising with non-family members.

NOTES: The two modules of this programme are designed for people who want to integrate ancestral constellations into their field of competence. This is a foundation training that will not teach you to become a facilitator of family constellation workshops. To reach that level of competence you will be required to take advanced training and have at least 3-5 years experience in constellations work.


  1. Learn the core skills of transgenerational family work from a Diaspora perspective
  2. Learn from a senior facilitator with over 20 years of experience working with systemic modalities.
  3. Explore some of the key issues that impact Black transgenerational lives and communities of colour
  4. Learn the fundamentals of the systemic constellations method
  5. Learn in a gathering of like-minded people of colour
  6. Assess how you intend to use your learning in your field of competence
  7. Prepare for a longer accredited course with a foundation at an affordable price


The programme is for people from Black/African/Asian/People of Colour who are interested in exploring systemic work and how it can support transgenerational families and communities within a Western Diaspora context. This is a path that can lead to family research and a greater connection to older cultural and wisdom traditions.

The practice element of the course will focus on family dynamics and entanglements as they impact Black/communities of colour. This entails creating a framework that looks at family within a social and community context, exploring the principles of systemic constellations from both a Western psycho-social and African/Indigenous perspective.

You can explore the learning from a personal or professional perspective. The programme will be especially valuable for therapists, coaches, counsellors, trainers, holistic practitioners, nurses, social workers and other professionals who ……

  •  Work with multi-identity families and communities and are looking for new perspectives on complex family systems
  • Want to integrate systemic thinking and the ancestral constellations into their individual or family practice
  • Are interested in understanding more about African and Indigenous approaches to transgenerational health and healing
  • Want to experience a unique approach to transformation and change in the company of other like-minded people


This is a 2 Module Foundation Training in the Ancestral Constellations transgenerational model, with a focus on family constellations and ancestral healing traditions. It will run from February to July 2025. Please note that modules can not be taken individually. It would support your application and interview to have some experience in constellation work. If this form of transgenerational therapeutic work is new to you, we would encourage you to attend the 2-day Essentials course on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September 2024.


Module 1 (6 days)
Module 2 (6 days)

MODULE 1 – Introduction to Ancestral Constellations & Systemic Practice

15th & 16th February 2025 10am – 5pm In person
15th & 16th March 2025 10am – 5pm In person
12th & 13th April 2025 10am – 5pm In person


MODULE 2 – Introduction to African-Centred Therapeutic Practice

10th & 11th May 2025 10am – 5pm In person
7th & 8th June 2025 10am – 5pm In person
5th & 6th July 2025 10am – 5pm In person



  • Online Group Mentoring Circles x 2 dates tbc
  • Peer Group Practice: 10 hours which are self-organised
  • Development of Personal Genogram
  • 3 Core books to read
  • 1 x one hour Individual constellation mentoring/ support

    EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (available for payments made in full before 13th December 2024):

    £1,200 for BAATN members
    £1,300 for non-members
    £1,750 for organisations

    STANDARD COURSE FEES (from 14th December 2024):

    £1,400 for BAATN members
    £1,500 for non-members
    £1,950 for organisations

    Please note all course fees must be paid in full no later than Friday 17th January 2025. 



    These are issues in common to many communities. The workshops are essential to reveal and transform what has kept us back for generations. Witnessing others transform is a humbling and inspirational process.

    I came here hoping for a healing I’ve sought from other therapeutic practices, I found it here.

    This was such a powerful, healing experience. I am so grateful to have received a constellation and honoured to take part in others.

    This workshop is a must for anyone seeking to understand their family set-up and dynamics from an ancestral perspective. You will be transformed and held safely, it is highly recommended.


    Sonya has a professional background as a mental health practitoner, workshop facilitator NLP coach and mediator. She has developed a model of Therapeutic Transgenerational practice with an African centred focus to fill some of the gaps in Euro centred therapy and counselling professional training programmes, drawing on her extensive experience in social and healthcare organisations.

    She has been a Systemic Practitioner for 20+ years specialising in family constellations since 2011. Sonya holds am MSc in Human Resource Development and PG Diplomas in Systemic Practice and Mental Health Nursing. She has trained in systems constellations to an advanced level and has been facilitating family constellations workshops for seven years, currently and is designing a training programme for practitioners..

    Sonya has contributed a chapter to a book on therapy edited by BAATN (Black, African and Asian Therapy Network), published by Jessica Kingsley London, UK (2023). It explores transgenerational therapeutic issues within Black families/ communities in contemporary society and incorporates an African centred healing focus.

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