Ancestral Constellations Through a Systemic Lens

‘A constellation reveals the re-cycling pattern of transgenerational life past, present and future”

Next Date:  tbc
Time: 10am-5pm
Venue: North London
Issue Holder: £75
Representatives: £25
The difference between an Issue Holder and Representative is that an Issue Holder will have an opportunity to explore their issue and map a constellation whilst the Representatives acts as a support for the group.

To Book Your Place: Contact us for further details

Our Ancestral Constellations Workshops are small group experiential workshops for people who want to look at ‘family matters’ using the systemic constellations method.  They will support you in learning more about your  ancestral past and what may be required to reconcile or resolve present day family and relationship conflicts.

During the workshop we take a deep look at the ancestral roots of family relationships.  They explore how these roots influence the present and the future, through the lens of systemic constellations.  We seek to ‘remember’ and honour the living and those that have come before them.

This honouring of ancestors  is an aspect of traditional indigenous wisdom that is ingrained in many communities around the world.  In Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America and farther afield the ancestral past is firmly connected to the present.  We invite you to re-connect with your ancestral past and reclaim any lost sense of spiritual and cultural identity and start to find your ‘place of belonging’ in the family and community.

Our workshops can support you in gaining greater awareness about your ancestral connections and why they may be causing difficulties in your current family life.  We encourage you to ‘Restore the flow of love through the family’ and support you in a journey to reconnect with your ancestral lineage.

The Format of the Workshop

At the start of a workshop we spend some time clarifying the agenda and doing introductory exercises including….

  • Creating a supportive space for the work
  • Asking for support from our ancestral line
  • An explanation of the method and guidelines
  • Some paired or small group work

Issue Holders and Representatives

There will be time for 3 Issue Holders to work on a personal issue of their choice with other group members acting in a supporting role. It is important that the person mapping a  constellation is well supported but be assured that even if you do not work on a personal issue you will still benefit from the support role of being a Representative or as an observer.

Our Family Constellations Workshops offer you an opportunity to be in a powerful learning community with others.  You may be in an observer role, a ‘representative’ for someone else working on a family issue, or doing your own personal work during the day. Standing in any of these places, you will be supporting yourself and others in doing healing work. You will gain greater insight into your ancestral heritage and you will experience a unique way of looking at how to explore inter-personal relationship dynamics that impact family life. Examples of the type of issues that can be brought to a Personal Issues workshop.

  • Exploring of family relationships that have broken down
  • Identifying the root of conflict between parents and children
  • Seeking reconciliation between estranged siblings or other family
  • Looking at secrets within the family and what has remained hidden
  • Issues of identity, belonging, and finding right place in the family or world

These workshops are open to all and take place in North London.  If you want to know more about whether this approach is right for you, get your questions answered here or contact for further information and to book a place.