• Transgenerational Family Work

    Healing and Reconciliation

    It’s a subject that’s centre stage and in the background at the same time.  We seem to have forgotten how to discuss these difficult issues, openly and with compassion.  We no longer have a name for this way of focusing on the world.  Nor a clear sense of how to articulate the pain of Black and White relationships like in the past, with the leaders of the US civil rights or Apartheid movement in South … Read the rest

  • Ancestral Constellations Practice

    A Caribbean Community in 2066?

    An article in the Economist magazine entitled, ‘The Next Generation‘ explores the changing fortunes of the Caribbean community in the UK.   And it’s an interesting read!  Not least because at my recent constellations workshop, there were some wonderful people who stepped up and challenged themselves to look at an extremely difficult subject, Caribbean people in the Diaspora and their relationship to one another. We did it is in a slightly different way from usual, … Read the rest

  • Ancestral Constellations Practice

    The Excluded Conversation 

    All communities have to start from their own back door’ if they wish to heal because only they know what is needed and required for change to take place.  In many diaspora communities, we have to start from the inside and heal out and one way of facilitating that healing is through Family and Community constellations that Include the Excluded Conversation.  The Excluded Conversation is one that focuses on the difficult issues that impact our … Read the rest

  • Ancestral Constellations Practice,  Storying Oral Traditions

    Working with Spirit

    In constellations work, from an African perspective, we are honouring the living and the dead! Sometimes we need to honour those who have departed from the physical life but may not yet be at peace in the after-life.  The work of Ancestral Constellations draws on an African tradition, that honours those who have gone before and seeks a healing path for those who are to come. In many parts of Africa and more widely in … Read the rest

  • Storying Oral Traditions

    Constellations as Healing Ritual

    Ancestral Constellations are a modern ritual, a ritual developed for a Western audience but viewed through an African lens in my work.  I view it as a modern ritual based on old ancestral traditions because that is what I see, that is what I hear and that is what I honour in the process and in the sacred journey to heal family and community! Malidoma Some, Dagara Elder, suggests that a constellation is a ritual, … Read the rest

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