Malidoma Some Dagara Elder and author on Healing-Ritual ....

"Where ritual is absent the young ones are restless or violent, there are no real elders, and the grown-ups are bewildered. The future is dim!"

Malidoma Some, p.g. 12  Ritual Power, Healing and Community

Ancestral Constellations - Systemic Healing Ritual

Ancestral Constellations combines Systemic Constellations with Healing-Ritual, an approach that explores relationships, community systems and social justice issues in depth.  These connections between family, community and society overlap and are sometimes 'entangled.'  They are a meeting place for the inter-related parts of a system within which multiple identities, diverse cultures, a spectrum of people colours, the fluidity of gender and the framing of sexuality co-exist.


Transgenerational Family Practice - Workshops

During an ancestral family constellations workshop, you will examine the roots and branches of your family tree.  Your constellation will look at three or more generations of your family using 'Representatives.' These are group members, 'intuitively' chosen by the person mapping their family constellation. You will see how people, stand, sit and move, revealing some of the ‘hidden dynamics’ from the past and influences that might help heal the present. View workshops here.


Social and Community - Learning Circles

Ancestral Constellations circles look at different conversations in public life.  How do we make sense of the concept of 'race and culture' in society?  What emphasis do we give to the debate around gender fluidity?  What is our relationship with herbs, plants and nature?  How do we address questions of migration and belonging? What is intersectionality? Learning circles are a place to bring these questions and to explore excluded conversation in 2020 and beyond.


Healing Ritual - Personal Consultations

Many people are drawn to a personal consultation because they are remembering older ancestral traditions and seek reconnection to 'other ways of knowing.' They intuitively recognise that answers to repeating patterns down the generations are being lost, as Elders transition into ancestors. Part family research and part ritual you will see the deep connection between your heritage, your ancestral 'story' and your inner wisdom.  Book a personal consultation here. 


Creating Safe Spaces - Containering & Holding

We aim to create safe spaces to explore and contain difficult issues. This is deep work and people are often surprised at what emerges.  As we are exploring family lineage over generations and/or social, historical and sometimes traumatic community issues, strong feelings can surface. For this reason, some workshops will be focused on specific groups and this will be indicated when you book a workshop. If you have questions before booking a workshop or consultation contact me.

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